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The .xyz community is home to innovative web3 startups that unlock the full potential of blockchain technology to develop new services that meet the changing needs of our society. Web3 video platform aims to disrupt the Hollywood studio system of film distribution. Collectible trading card platform expanded their alternative assets platform to include options for buying, selling, storing, and borrowing. Music technology company is aimed at changing the way music and other digital content is valued and distributed. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a New York-based platform designed to help crypto-native freelancers to work with web3 startups: Connecting crypto-native talent with web3 startups is the online home of Thirdwork, a freelance platform designed to help crypto-native product, design, and marketing talent showcase their skills and connect with hiring web3 startups. The New York-based platform strives to provide a seamless experience for both clients and freelancers. From developers, marketers, and writers to brand strategists and product designers, Thirdwork features a comprehensive pool of freelance talent to cater to various project requirements. 

Ensuring quality and professionalism: Thirdwork’s thorough vetting process

As shared on the bottom of the main page of their blog, Thirdwork’s FAQ answers many questions about their platform, including how talent is screened and vetted. Quality assurance is a top priority, and through a careful vetting and screening process Thirdwork ensures that only the most qualified freelancers make it onto their platform. Candidates undergo a thorough selection procedure, including detailed applications, work samples, and multiple rounds of technical and personality-based interviews. This strict evaluation guarantees that you will be collaborating with freelancers who possess excellent communication skills, technical expertise, and a high level of professionalism.

Empowering freelancers and startups: Flexible budgeting and global collaboration on Thirdwork

Thirdwork offers flexibility when it comes to budgeting. Freelancers have the ability to set their own rates, allowing for a wide range of budgets to be accommodated. Thirdwork implements a transparent fee structure for all payments processed through the platform, which simplifies financial management for the freelancers and the startups. Thirdwork has a global network of freelancers, and works to promote effective collaboration by aligning with your time zone and preferences. With a global network of freelancers, Thirdwork promotes effective collaboration by aligning with your time zone and preferences. The freelancers within our diverse network bring various language skills, ensuring that you can find a suitable match for your project, regardless of your location.

Join the waitlist for top-tier web3 projects: Thirdwork’s path to success

Interested freelancers can apply for membership and add their names to the waitlist. Thirdwork reviews applications on a first-come basis and will notify applicants when spots become available. Through their diverse freelancer categories, rigorous vetting process, flexible budget options, global talent pool, and efficient hiring procedures, Thirdwork strives to help maximize the potential of your web3 projects with top-tier freelance talent.

Client success stories:, RabbitHole, and more praise Thirdwork’s hiring excellence’s homepage boasts testimonials from satisfied clients including crypto accounting solution, web3 community platform TokenTag, and crypto platform RabbitHole. TokenTag founder Daniel Vataj writes “Easily the best hiring resource for everyone that’s building.” Integral Head of Growth William Grant writes that Thirdwork fits “seamlessly into our process and consistently produce thoughtful, talented candidates with outstanding experience in the blockchain industry.” 

The blockchain industry is experiencing significant growth, and we are inspired by Thirdwork’s forward-thinking to help freelancers match with the right web3 projects. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting

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