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Tonight marks the first day of the exclusive auction with, where over 150 premium .xyz domains can be won at no reserve. The auction starts at 9:00pm PDT (04:00 […]

To celebrate the Chinese New Year for one of our most important markets, we have started a new blog series to honor our loyal supporters in China. Click here to […],,, oh my! All with $69 starting bids and no reserve prices – what bargains, don’tcha think? With our trusty partner, NameJet, we will be auctioning off 500+┬ápremium […]

#GenXYZ, we have some awesome news to share. We have teamed up with the top domain auction company on the web,, to offer .xyz and .College domain names for […]

Happy hump day, #GenXYZ. We’re happy to announce that XYZ Founder Daniel Negari and leading domain auction company NameJet have just struck a deal to bring .xyz to the masses. […]