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CultivateMe.xyzTucows customer (United States)

Every company functions differently. Some have manuals full of rules and instructions down to the most minimal detail, while some are lax and let employees manage themselves. This range allows people to find a company structure that may best fit their personality. But no matter your preference or style, it always helps teams work better when they know what their job actually is. And for managers, it’s always a struggle to lead a team while also helping your employees to grow and develop. The team at thinks they’ve cracked the code on organization, motivation, and progress for companies. And the best part? You can create an account for free!

This business product is aiming to help you maximize the talent in your team by creating a “mastery machine”. claims that high turnover creates a major cost to companies and that sometimes replacing an employee can cost even more than their salary. So using their product to build your own personal mastery machine allows you to improve employee talent while also helping to turn employees into long-term team members. Their program is decided on by 5 major questions:

  1. What’s my job?
  2. What skills should I improve on next?
  3. How do I learn them?
  4. How do I stick with it?
  5. How do I know I’m better?

Having each person answer these questions allows your team to have clear responsibilities, know where to go next, and stay motivated by seeing their improvements. gathers all this information and displays it in a very visually pleasing “Iris” like the one pictured above. According to, “an Iris is like a selfie of your skills.” They also supply you with management coaching to teach your managers to coach people in 15 minutes or less.

Think this is something your company can benefit from? Then sign up right away here. Once you’re signed up make sure to check out their beginner guide here. is another fantastic example of a #GenXYZ member using their .xyz domain to help other people to better themselves, while running a successful business. The team here at XYZ has an amazing work environment, and we know can help other teams work just as great as us! Think you have an awesome business idea? Get your own .xyz domain ASAP, and get to work!

Today marks the launch of the XYZ Quarterly, a magazine recapping everything XYZ has been up to since the start of the new year. From our team attending 7 events in 3 different countries, to .xyz adopters securing a combined $5,000,000 in funding for their businesses, to our registry welcoming around 500,000 new registrations across our portfolio of TLDs, we have a lot to fill you in on.

In the first edition of the XYZ Quarterly, you’ll find helpful facts and figures about our start to the year, take a look at the events and marketing initiatives we’ve been a part of so far in 2018, and get to know the faces of some featured #GenXYZ members and XYZ registrar/reseller partners. We’ve had an amazing start to the year, and we can’t wait to share it all with you in the new XYZ Quarterly!

When you want to build a website, choosing a domain name is the first, and possibly most important, decision you need to make. No matter if you’re building a website for your business or organization, or just want to create a website to show off some of your hobbies, choosing a domain name shouldn’t hold you up from getting your website up and running. Below are some helpful tips to follow to make sure you choose a domain name that’s perfect for you so you can get to building your website quicker.

1. Shorter is better

Short domain names are: a) easy to remember, b) easier to spell correctly, c) faster to type, d) easier to read, e) fit better on advertisements or business cards.

In a past study done on the top 1 million websites as ranked by Alexa, Gaebler found that sites became less popular as their character length increased, and the top 10,000 domains in the list had 8 characters or less. So, if you choose a domain name that is short, you’ll be much better off in the long run.

2. Make it brandable

If you’re choosing a domain name for your business, go with your company name over something generic about your product. This will also help you keep things shorter and more memorable, which is easier to promote.

3. Avoid hyphens and numbers

Choosing a domain name with hyphens or numbers may seem like an easy workaround to getting a shorter domain, but these make the domain harder to type and remember. Numbers cause confusion (is it spelled out or just the number?) and hyphens can easily be forgotten when someone is typing out your domain name.

4. Secure Keyword Domains

In some industries, the majority of a company’s business will come from online leads, so having specific keywords in your domain can help you rank higher in searches for that product or service. For example, you can register for your plumbing service, instead of settling for something like

5. Use your location

If you’re creating your website for a localized audience, you can connect with them by including your city or state in your domain. Securing or not only show that regional audience that you are serving them, but can also help you improve your organic search rankings.

6. Get a domain to match your social media handles

One of the essential places to promote your site will be on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Unfortunately, just as it can be a struggle to get the domain that matches your brand before it’s gone, the same is true for getting your social media handles.

Using your domain extension in your social media profiles (like or ensures you’ll get the handle that matches your brand, and also doubles as a promotion of your website.

7. Do your research

Before you choose a domain and put down the money to register it, make sure that the name you want isn’t trademarked or copyrighted by someone else. You could end up dealing with a legal battle for the domain and potentially lose it for good.

To be safe, check that the domain you want to choose isn’t something already registered in the Trademark Clearing House.

8. Protect your brand

On the flip side, if you have trademarked your business name or slogan, make sure you’ve secured the domain to match it. As mentioned in the last tip, there are legal avenues to follow if bad actor is using a domain named after a trademark you own, but it’s easier to avoid the whole mess in the first place by securing your brand and registering your names before the bad actor can even get to it. Plus, if you’re struggling to choose a domain name, it’s always a no-brainer to register your brand name and trademarks!

Choosing a domain name can seem like a daunting task, but following these tips will ensure that you choose the domain name that’s perfect for you, and one that you will be happy with for as long as you own it. Feeling like your ready to choose a domain name and get your website online? Get your own .xyz domain for just $1 with promo code “NAMEXYZ” at checkout.

If you missed any of our past Internet “How-Tos” on ‘How to build a website’ and ‘How to design your site using “mobile first”’, be sure to catch up on them and make sure you’re prepared to not only choose a domain name, but build a fantastic website on your domain! We’ll see you again next month with a new helpful internet “How-To”!

Fluxauto.xyzGoDaddy customer (India)

In the classic film Back to the Future, they travel through time to the year 2015 where they witness tons of futuristic gadgets, including flying cars. While we aren’t quite at flying cars yet, the world is making many advances in the world of self-driving technology. In the past, we’ve brought you our own, creators of the self-driving delivery robot. But now we’re excited to bring you another .xyz member in the autonomous industry: is 16-person startup based in Bangalore. They were excited about the new opportunity of commercial companies using self-driving vehicles but discovered that major companies like Uber and Tesla are developing vehicles and technology that are far too expensive for most trucking companies to use. So the team set out to develop their own affordable tech that can allow any type of truck to be turned into a self-driving vehicle. The company plans to have 2500 of their kits in vehicles by August 2018. is already receiving a ton of attention from news outlets such as TechCrunch and The Economic Times, and came in 9th place for TECH30’s 2017 “Top 30 promising technology startups from India”.

To see in action you can check out their test footage video here. We love seeing another #GenXYZ member not only developing the future of technology, but also using their skills to benefit less financially-able companies. We’re always looking for more innovators like, so if you fit the bill go ahead and lock down your .xyz domain now! And keep on the lookout for more great #GenXYZ members every Wednesday.

When you’re at SXSW you can always count on getting to eat delicious food, listen to great music, and bust a move with the #XYZsquad! This year Team XYZ went back for our 3rd annual trip to SXSW, where we talked to festival goers about .xyz, helped them register their own .xyz domains, and got hundreds of entries in our scavenger hunt for the Nintendo Switch, Helicopter Drone, and swag.

The winners of the scavenger hunt have been drawn and we’ll be announcing them soon, so stay tuned to our Instagram to see who won! To see everything Team XYZ and the #XYZsquad got up to in Austin, check out the video recap below.

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ZweetShop.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (Malaysia)

The past few years have seen a major boom in startups across the globe. We love to see so many in the #GenXYZ community using a .xyz domain to help their startup business reach new heights. In the past we’ve brought you retail pop-ups, business-friendly advertising and customer service robots, and sleek and safe custom helmets. But for this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we found something that almost anyone would want to use,’s Antiperspirant Wipes.

Everybody sweats, but some people have a bigger problem with it than others. So what if there was a simple, easy solution to help control it? Malaysia local is making towelettes that help customers regain their confidence and “kiss nervous sweat goodbye”. These ingenious wipes come in individually wrapped packages, perfect for travel or on the go. Simply wipe them on your underarms and toss. These are best used if you apply the night before, and then shower as usual in the morning. Worried that it might sound good to be true? Don’t worry, the product is listed in the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency for the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Big presentation coming up? First Date? Already worrying about that hot summer heat? Let ease your woes, and purchase your first pack here. And don’t forget to use the promo code ZWEETFIRST to get a 10% discount on your first order! To see more from you can follow them on Instagram. We’re proud that #GenXYZ continues to grow and produce an innovative online community. We’re always looking to add more to our squad, so check out today!

Every day since our CEO Daniel Negari launched .xyz back on June 2, 2014, all of us here at Team XYZ have put our heart and soul into spreading the message of .xyz to internet users around the world. In the years since that day, we’ve been overwhelmed at how much the #GenXYZ community of users has grown, and it now spans to over 2 million domains registered by end users from over 230 countries and territories.

But it wasn’t just our passion that helped .xyz grow into one of the most popular domains in the world. We never could have accomplished what we have without our registrar partners and the avid adopters and supporters of .xyz in the #GenXYZ community. That’s why today we want to show you our gratitude by celebrating Client’s Day for the first time in the United States.

For us, Client’s Day is about not only celebrating our wonderful registrar clients and end users who share our vision and bring it to life, but also saying thank you for inspiring us and the millions of other .xyz supporters across the globe. We promise to always match your innovative spirit by using our voice in #WebsiteWednesdays and on social media to bring your sites to a larger audience, and by ensuring .xyz is truly the domain for the next generation of internet users.

So here’s to you #GenXYZ, Happy Client’s Day!

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If you’re looking for guidance when building your website, the thing you’ll hear most often from website designers, developers, and even savvy business owners is “mobile first”. But what does mobile first mean? And why do you need to care about mobile first for your website?

To start, mobile first refers to a strategy you should employ when building your site; think about how it will look on mobile first, then work your way up to designing for bigger screens. Mobile traffic dethroned traditional desktop traffic as the main source of internet usage back in 2016, and has only been steadily (and rapidly) rising ever since. You need a mobile first approach because your website is most likely going to be accessed using a phone or tablet. No matter how great your site looks on a desktop, an ugly mobile site will lead to less page-viewing time and higher exit rates.

For help building your website with the mobile first approach, below are some important guidelines to follow.

1. Think about the overall “big picture” of your site first.

  • This advice is the same starting guideline that we gave you in last week’s post on how to build a website, but it still rings true with mobile first. If you get bogged down with the details, you’ll add much more time to the site-building process, and you’ll likely focus too much on insignificant details. But with mobile first, you want to consider how things will look on a small screen. That means smaller images and more Calls to Action (CTAs) higher up the page so site visitors don’t need to scroll and click too much before you get them where you want them to go.

2. Before you build out the content, make a site map.

  • This is another bit of advice we gave last week, but it is still important in mobile first design as well. Your site map will remain the same for both your desktop and mobile site, but you need to consider the smaller screen, and the fact that your site visitor will be using touch gestures to navigate your site, not a mouse. Keep things as simple as possible, and get the site visitor to your final CTA as soon as possible.

3. Design the site so it is easy to look at on mobile, and also easy to get around on mobile.

  • This means designing your site with:
    • Large touch targets that are easy to tap
    • A font size styled to fit mobile screens
    • CTA buttons and images that are not too big so they fit naturally in the look of your site
    • YouTube videos and eye-catching images to attract viewers’ attention and keep them engaged
    • A viewport meta tag (code: ) so your site scales to fit the visitors mobile screen size

4. Make sure your site is in line with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices for mobile first.

  • Not all SEO is created equal, so make sure on your mobile site you:
    • Keep design simple to maintain fast page load
    • Avoid using Adobe Flash to play multimedia on yours site, since it is not available on many phones
    • Don’t add pop-ups that break the visitor’s engagement with your site
    • Use Responsive Web Design practices or templates to create a fluid page that fits any visitors’ screen
    • Make sure media content plays correctly, tap-targets are adequately spaced and sized, and all text and images are readable/viewable

These recommendations come directly from the biggest search engine in the world, Google.

5. Test out your site on real devices.

  • The best way to know if your site follows good mobile first design is to try it yourself. Try to navigate your site on various sizes of phones and tablets. Scroll and click to make sure everything is correctly scaled, and that your site is responsive. You should also page through your site as if you were a viewer from your target audience, and judge if your site is easy to read and navigate. Having friends test your site is also a great idea, as they can give you a different perspective than your own.

Building your site using a mobile first strategy is a wise choice, because not only will your site be ready for the majority of traffic you’ll see right after launch, it will also be prepared for the much larger mobile-using internet market that is taking over online. Mobile first requires a slightly different approach than traditional site-building for desktop, but if you follow these best practices your site will be optimized to keep visitors on your page.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the first installment in our “How To” blog post series, last month’s post on “How To Build a Website.” And be sure to come back next month, when we’ll cover “How to Choose a Domain Name”. Until then, you can see more internet “How To’s” on our YouTube channel!

Type-A.xyzGoDaddy customer (Philippines)

#GenXYZ how do you normally start your day? Quick morning workout? Or a big hearty breakfast? The team here at XYZ loves nothing more than to start our day off with a nice cup of coffee. With coffee shops on every corner and thousands of brands to choose from, it can be hard to establish your place in such a booming business. So how does this week’s #WebsiteWednesday manage to stick out? (Besides the .xyz domain of course!) is breaking the mold with their own take on cold brew, delivered right to your home or business. is located in Manila, Phillipines and is a cold brew subscription service. Their cool and functional bottle design is what gets customers interested, but the great taste is what keeps them subscribed. Their coffee is single origin from Panama, and the low-extract process creates a light flavor with hints of fruit. But what really makes shine is it’s brilliantly designed bottle. The outside is marked with serving measurements, so you know exactly how much to pour. Simply pour 1 measurement of the bottle with an even amount of your favorite addition, such as creamer or milk, and add ice. Fast and simple for any morning, and an easy solution for that afternoon pick me up.

“We are fans of specialty coffee but admit that there are days when making a hand brew from scratch is just too much work. With Type A, a cold brew made from 100% Panama beans, we wanted to develop an instant specialty coffee that retains all the nuanced tasting notes of a crafted coffee (ours are dark chocolate and orange peel) – just add water.

We want Type A to be synonymous with cold brew coffee, and grow a community of A-types who love the brand. In fact, we’ve started a blog ( to talk to them about everything from recipes involving Type A to essays about things that would interest overachievers, say, how to deal when your dog has OCD.

We liked the suggestion of “a to z” when you type out the URL. We’re overachieving that way.”
– Anna Canlas,

We love seeing the #GenXYZ continue to be at the forefront of innovation. From custom 3D printing, to functional and fun community living spaces, to A.I. text unscramblers, we’re always proud to provide a domain as unique as you are. If you’re ready to get some of’s cold brew for yourself, you can subscribe here. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram to get the latest updates. Do you think you have the next great idea? Then lock down now, and keep changing the world!

Team XYZ is heading back to SXSW again this week, and that means our SXSW Scavenger Hunt is back too! But in this year’s Scavenger Hunt, you don’t have to attend SXSW to be entered to win, you can join the fun from wherever you are.

There will be a total of 5 prizes awarded and winners will be selected through a raffle drawing. First Prize will snag the Nintendo Switch, Second Prize will take off with the Camera Drone, and Third, Fourth, and Fifth prize winners grab the swag bags.

The more entries you get, the better your chances are to win, so make sure you remember all the ways you can gain entries below:

  • 1 entry: Follow @XYZ on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (1 entry added for each platform)
  • 5 entries: Post a photo of any of our purple people on social media and tag @XYZ, #XYZsquad, and #SXSW (5 entries are added for each platform)
  • 25 entries: Register a .xyz domain between March 12-15, use code SXSW18 at checkout to get your domain for $1, and tweet it to @XYZ (25 entries are added for each .xyz domain you register and tweet to us)

No Purchase Necessary. Purchase does not enhance the chance of winning. Void Where Prohibited. To see complete official rules, head to

The contest is open now, so you can start racking up those entries right away. Don’t miss your chance to join in on the SXSW party with us and take home one of these amazing prizes!

We’ll be sharing our experience at SXSW with you on our Instagram, so be sure to stay tuned and follow us as we take over Austin again this year. Good luck to all the participants in the Scavenger Hunt; we’ll see you again on Friday when we announce the winners!

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