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The .xyz community has become a vibrant hub for generative artists and generative art-focused platforms. Skilled creative Lisa Orth displays her generative artwork on Generative art project turns voices like’s into unique gemstone sculptures. Gallery platform presents highly curated generative art on the blockchain for art and design enthusiasts. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an innovative platform that aids in the creation and distribution of generative art:

Discover Fostering generative art creation is a digital platform that facilitates the creation and distribution of generative art.  The platform operates on the Ethereum network, utilizing zkSync to enhance transaction speed and reduce costs. The platform aims to help artists use programming languages like p5.js (for creating graphical and interactive art) and WebGL (for rendering graphics in web browsers) to create their digital art. stores artwork code on either Ethereum’s blockchain or IPFS, a distributed network for storing and sharing files. The platform also offers tools for artists to sell copies of their artworks, a user-friendly dashboard for uploading code, and a dedicated page to showcase their collections of generative art.

Aurora, by doomfuzz.eth

Exploring the live drops of

You can explore many of’s live generative art drops. “Cheery Quilts” by Steve’s Makerspace1 is a vibrant tribute to traditional quilting. It generates quilts in various 3D angles and grid sizes. The software offers 35 color palettes and 20 different tile patterns, each with multiple outputs, adding variety in grid and shape outlines.  “Aurora” by doomfuzz.eth is a generative art piece showcasing the beauty of nature and color transitions using “Pursuit Curves,” a mathematical concept where moving points or lines continuously adjust their paths to “chase” a moving target, creating evolving and intricate patterns. It creates complex, three-dimensional patterns resembling natural forms, which change with the viewer’s perspective. The artwork’s coding, based on lines following each other, offers trillions of pattern possibilities. The color gradients, designed by RoseJade.eth, are inspired by her watercolor works. Aurora represents a year-long exploration in generative art and coding, influenced by the artist’s appreciation of the natural world. Aurora celebrates color, transition, and nature, using Pursuit Curves in its design. These curves overlap and intertwine, forming a diverse range of simple to complex three-dimensional patterns.

Enhancing digital reach: The strategic edge of a branded social media handle like @artgenexyz

Having a social media handle like @artgenexyz, which incorporates their website URL, ensures brand consistency and makes it easier for users to identify and remember the platform. This integration of the handle and URL enhances online presence and visibility, facilitating direct access to the website. It also supports marketing efforts, as the handle serves as a continuous reminder of the platform’s web address, encouraging followers to visit the site for more information and engagement.  You can learn more about the platform by following along on X (Twitter) and GitHub @artgenexyz, and by visiting


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