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Developers are using .xyz and more XYZ Registry domains like .Quest, .Tickets, and .Security to harness the power of blockchain technology and provide secure and transparent experiences. Web3 platform is designed to foster a secure metaverse experience with enhanced privacy features. Auditing platform is aimed at keeping your smart contracts bug-free. Crypto wallet security solution aims to help identify and prevent fraud before it happens. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a blockchain-focused ticketing platform designed to provide a safer, easier, and more transparent ticketing experience for fans: Guts.Tickets.

GUTS: Transparent ticketing with blockchain technology

Guts.Tickets is the online home of GUTS, a ticketing platform that uses blockchain technology to track smart ticket ownership and prevent ticket fraud. The innovative system enforces that tickets can only be resold at a fixed price, targeting the concern of exorbitant prices for secondary tickets. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, GUTS Tickets is committed to eradicating dishonest practices within the commercial ticketing industry. Their mission is to demonstrate the flaws in conventional ticketing practices and to provide a safer, easier, and more transparent ticketing experience for fans.

The GET Protocol is designed to facilitate a user-friendly ticketing experience

At the core of GUTS Tickets’ mission lies the “GET Protocol,” a smart-ticketing solution integral to their system. The GET Protocol is designed to facilitate an honest and transparent ticketing approach for ticketing companies worldwide, with the aim of addressing issues related to scalping. Utilizing blockchain technology and dynamic QR-codes, GUTS strives to offer a user-friendly ticketing experience suitable for individuals of all ages. Over time, the protocol has been applied successfully to ticket a diverse range of events, including stadium concerts, international business conferences, and large-scale dance parties attended by a global audience. GUTS Tickets is supported by a dedicated team of professionals in various roles, contributing to its efforts in reshaping the ticketing industry to provide fans with a more equitable and secure ticketing experience.

Selling tickets with GUTS

GUTS Tickets offers a platform for both event organizers and individuals looking to sell tickets. They provide a user-friendly interface and utilize innovative technology to enhance the selling experience. Sellers can conveniently list their tickets and set fixed prices. GUTS also aims to address scalping and fraud within the ticketing industry. Choosing GUTS Tickets as your ticket-selling platform aligns with their mission of promoting fairness and transparency in the event industry.

Guts.Tickets and a cohesive brand identity

GUTS has established its presence on social media platforms such as X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook @gutstickets, and LinkedIn @guts-tickets, which helps maintain a consistent and recognizable brand identity. Each profile prominently displays the platform’s URL in its handle, making use of a modern ticketing platform secured with a .Tickets domain extension. This choice not only strengthens the brand’s identity but also underscores the benefits of utilizing a domain extension tailored specifically to the ticketing industry. A .Tickets domain enhances brand visibility, credibility, and industry recognition while streamlining the process of securing social media handles that seamlessly align with the brand, further boosting the promotion of the website. You can discover more about the GUTS ticketing platform by joining the Discord and by visiting Guts.Tickets.

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