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.XYZ is home to investment firms dedicated to pioneering bleeding-edge technologies and pursuing impactful missions. VC firm and DAO aims to revolutionize web3 funding. Early-stage venture firm invests in foundational technologies that support decentralized businesses. Privately held investment firm supports entrepreneurs aimed at making a positive difference in the world. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to an accelerator DAO focused on emerging biotechnology advancements: operates as an accelerator DAO designed to fund and support emerging biotechnology DAOs engaged in decentralized science (DeSci). DeSci utilizes blockchain technology for funding, sharing, and collaborating on scientific research. offers funding, technology, guidance, and meta-governance to new DeSci DAOs, assisting them in addressing the specific needs and challenges associated with decentralized science. Central to is an IP-NFT framework, a system where intellectual property (IP) rights are tokenized using NFTs. This framework combines elements of blockchain technology with intellectual property management, allowing scientific researchers to secure ownership of their IP through NFTs and distribute them within the network. 2Moreover, equips its funded DAOs with a launchpad, resources, mentorship, and legal and smart contract support to facilitate their development.

The accelerator DAO is a subsidiary of, a biotechnology company based in Berlin.’s flagship project supports the IP-NFT framework utilized by Tyler Golato and Paul Kohlhaas, who co-founded in 2018, contribute their expertise to, along with many other team members who serve as mentors.3

Accelerating DAOs in women’s health, longevity, brain research, and more accelerates DAOs focusing on women’s health, longevity, brain research, and more. Supported DAOs receive a $100,000 grant in USD Coin, deposited into their multi-signature Ethereum wallet. These DAOs incorporate the IP-NFT framework into their operations and benefit from 18 weeks of dedicated support from the team. This support includes consulting and strategic advice on Tokenomics, regulatory compliance, operations, and research and development.

You can visit the platform’s network to learn more about the DAOs they’ve accelerated. VitaDAO, one of the first biotech DAOs incubated and accelerated by, is a community-owned collective focused on longevity science. Other DAOs in the network include AthenaDAO, which funds research in women’s health and drug discovery; CerebrumDAO, a community-powered organization aimed at extending the lifespan of healthy brains through research; and ValleyDAO, an open community dedicated to financing and enhancing access to synthetic biology technologies.

Using .xyz domains to align with web3, innovation, and the future

Both and its parent company,, utilize .xyz domains, placing themselves at the forefront of the web3 movement, which is associated with innovation, technology, and the future of the internet. upgraded their domain from, reflecting a strategic move towards aligning more closely with the web3 spirit and enhancing their visibility within this innovative digital ecosystem. has even incorporated .xyz into its brand name, emphasizing its commitment to the ideals represented by this domain. By aligning with this digital identity, positions itself as a pioneer in the evolution of the internet. You can learn more by following along on X/Twitter @bio_xyz joining their Discord, and by visiting For more information about, you can join their Discord and follow them on X/Twitter and LinkedIn.


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