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The .xyz community is home to investment firms focused on web3 technologies. Early-stage venture firm invests in foundational technologies that support decentralized businesses. San Francisco-based investment firm backs teams building generational companies and products in crypto across sectors and stages. Prominent venture capital firm expanded its investment focus to include crypto, blockchain, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a web3 VC firm from prominent venture capitalist Amit Mukherjee: is the online home of Chainforest, a web3 venture capital (VC) firm supported by the Chainforest DAO and a community of web3 enthusiasts. The firm was launched in October 2022 and founded by Amit Mukherjee, a former partner at the global VC firm NEA and a distinguished Forbes 30 Under 30 alum.1 In August 2023, Amit also assumed the role of an operating partner at the early-stage venture capital fund Village Global.2

The evolution of VC: Chainforest DAO’s decentralized vision 

The Chainforest DAO, launched in October 2022, represents a pioneering shift from traditional VC firms. Defined simply, a DAO is a community-run organization where decisions are made collectively without a centralized authority. Unlike traditional VC firms, Chainforest DAO opened its doors to the public, allowing anyone with an interest in web3 to apply for membership. This inclusive approach helps develop a diverse and vibrant community. The Chainforest DAO consists of full-time web3 operators hailing from blockchain organizations such as Polygon, Solana Foundation, Ava Labs, Consensus, and Poolsuite. The varied array of talent enhances the strength and expertise of the Chainforest ecosystem.3 These members, known as Rainmakers, actively drive the DAO’s mission, leveraging collective resources for mutual growth and benefit. They also have the opportunity to support Chaiforest’s VC fund and earn the $RAINDROP token by contributing to investment initiatives. The culmination of this talent and collaborative spirit fortifies the Chainforest ecosystem’s strength and expertise

Partnership with SuperLayer venture studio

As shared on, their fund benefits from a partnership and co-incubation with SuperLayer, a venture studio led by Kevin Chou and Mahesh Vellanki. Kevin and Mahesh are the founders of Forte, a web3 gaming platform. This collaboration involves Kevin and Mahesh sharing their related web3 knowledge and network, derived from their successes in gaming and social sectors. Through this partnership, Chainforest has access to a range of SuperLayer resources encompassing marketing, product development, HR, and more. Embracing globally recognized web3-friendly domains

Chainforest chose a unique and memorable brand name, and their globally recognized .xyz domain puts them in a community full of web3-focused trailblazers. makes it easy for those interested in keeping up with them via their website or branded social media. They have secured @Chainforestxyz on Twitter. This makes them easy to find, and promotes their website URL right in their social media handle.

By democratizing access to venture capital through its inclusive DAO structure, Chainforest aims to influence the web3 investment landscape and foster innovation within the community. We are inspired by their interest in community-driven investment models, and look forward to more developments. You can gain more insight by subscribing to Chainforest’s newsletter on publishing platform Substack, where every week they share information on upcoming events, member accomplishments, and a round-up of the most exciting happenings in their Discord. You can learn more by following the firm on LinkedIn and Twitter @Chainforestxyz, joining the Discord, and by visiting


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