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The .xyz community is home to many investors and venture capitalists looking to showcase their portfolios and promote their services. Tech entrepreneur Ryan Junee uses to share his passions in tech startups, writing, and spirituality. Venture capital firm is co-founded by Forbes-featured billionaire Fred Ehrsam and is focused on investing in tech companies. Investment management company is aimed at helping investors gain access to the private tech industry. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an investment firm that specializes in early-stage companies, particularly in the biotechnology, future of food, and quality of life technology sectors:

Discover, an investment firm empowering entrepreneurs and driving innovation is the online home of BoxOne Ventures, a privately held investment firm that focuses on early-stage companies. The Montreal-based firm strives to serve as a supportive partner for entrepreneurs from the very beginning of their journey. BoxOne Ventures invests its own capital and offers guidance and support to help startups grow and reach their full potential. The firm’s team of experienced investors and advisors leverage their own experience as founders, offering a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that startups can face.

Driving innovation and positive impact in biotech, healthcare, and beyond

The investment firm specializes in several key fields, including biotechnology, the future of food, and technologies that improve the quality of life. They prioritize investment opportunities in areas such as genomics/proteomics, biosystems, biological manufacturing, synthetic biology, consumerization of healthcare, and therapeutic paradigms. These areas reflect the firm’s commitment to supporting startups that are working to create innovative solutions in the biotechnology and healthcare sectors. BoxOne Ventures has invested in a diverse range of companies, including plant-based restaurant chain Odd Burger, hand sanitizer dispenser brand Shimmy, and agricultural production startup Vivid Machines. These investments reflect the firm’s interest in supporting innovative solutions across a variety of industries and sectors.

BoxOne Ventures: A collaborative hub for innovation and creativity

A unique aspect of BoxOne Ventures is its emphasis on collaboration and community. The firm’s office, located in the historic RCA Building in the St. Henri neighborhood of Montreal, is a hub of activity where entrepreneurs can come together to exchange ideas and work on their projects. The cutting-edge facility includes a gym and a library, and creates an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. uses a branded email address, which can help build trust with new founders

BoxOne uses the branded email address [email protected] to correspond with potential partners and founders, which helps to generate trust. When you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, customers can use that email address to find your website and have confidence that they’re reaching out to the appropriate contact. We are inspired by BoxOne’s goals of supporting innovation that makes a positive impact. You can learn more by following the company on LinkedIn and by visiting

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