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The .xyz community encompasses a diverse range of web3 platforms, all united by the common goal of empowering users across different levels of blockchain expertise. NFT platform aims to simplify technical barriers for creators. Crypto index-focused startup aims to make it easier for investors to gain exposure to the entire crypto asset market. NFT platform is geared towards helping creators launch large NFT collections in minutes. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a web3 platform that aims to empower creators to develop web3-enabled websites:

Empowering creators with is the online home of Bonfire, a web3 platform designed to empower creators, brands, and communities by providing them with tools to create custom, web3-enabled websites. The platform’s homepage states “Deepen Fan Engagement with No Code,” highlighting its focus on user-friendly solutions. These solutions are designed to integrate digital assets and content natively, aiming to simplify the onboarding of communities into web3 and enhance the collector experience. In December 2022, the platform emerged from beta with $6.2 million of seed funding raised, including contributions from Coinbase Ventures and angel investors like crypto influencer Cooper Turley of  and Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s Head of Crypto.1

The platform supports various features including NFT drops, airdrops, gated content and livestreams, and community contests. Bonfire seeks to shift the paradigm towards digital ownership and direct creator-fan relationships by enabling creators to build and own their ecosystems. Throughout its development, Bonfire has collaborated with numerous creators to offer web3-enabled experiences and has secured funding from several investors to support its mission.

Case Studies: Jadyn Violet and Odesza

Bonfire has impacted the creator economy by helping creators migrate from reliance on traditional social media platforms to establishing their own digital spaces. Through the platform, creators have engaged their communities in novel ways, leveraging custom NFT drops, gated content, and exclusive livestream events to foster closer connections with fans. You can visit their Showcase page to explore highlighted examples. For instance, Bonfire facilitated electronic music duo Odesza’s NFT All-Access Pass holders to claim free tickets to their tour. 2Additionally, the platform assisted‘s launch of his “Glass House” music NFTs. These initiatives illustrate Bonfire’s role in enabling creators to utilize web3 technologies to interact directly with their audiences.

Educational resources at Bonfire Academy

Bonfire aims to continue its support for creators and brands by further democratizing access to web3 technologies. Its no-code approach can significantly lower the barrier for non-technical creators to leverage these advanced digital tools, opening up new possibilities for engagement and ownership. The platform envisions creators increasingly becoming their own platforms, utilizing digital ownership to create deeper, more direct relationships with their audience. Additionally, highlights the Bonfire Academy, a resource that contains blog posts, video tutorials and product updates designed to help creators learn to build their own Bonfire.  For example, the Bonfire 101 tutorial is aimed to help you create your first page, customize your site, and build a home for your superfans. The blog post titled “Embracing the Raver Realm: A Guide for Creators Inspired by Jadyn Violet” explores the innovative intersection of music, digital art, and community in the web3 space through the lens of web3 artist Jadyn Violet and his Raver Realm Pass. This project merges music with digital art by transforming songs into evolving characters within a Profile Picture (PFP) collection. This guide highlights Jadyn’s approach to blending music with digital identity, his community-building spirit, and practical advice for creators looking to navigate the complexities of digital creativity and audience engagement in the evolving digital landscape.

Meet the team behind

Co-founder Matt Alston previously served as a product manager at Uber and a business software engineer at Goldman Sachs. Co-founder Melissa Zhang held the position of Senior Software Engineer at Coinbase. Their collective experience in product management, software engineering, and involvement with leading technology and finance companies may uniquely position them to effectively navigate the challenges of building and scaling innovative platforms in the web3 space. You can learn more by following the platform on LinkedIn, X/Twitter, and Instagram, and by visiting

1. 2.

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