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Industry leaders, skilled creatives, and tech-focused organizations are utilizing .xyz and more XYZ Registry domains like .Security and .CEO to explore AI’s potential. Artist and designer uses his .xyz to showcase AI-driven art. Media and technology mogul MikeJohns.CEO blends AI and human insight on his .CEO domain. Cybersecurity company Skyhawk.Security harnesses AI to tackle cloud breach prevention and threat detection. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an influential researcher in the field of AI who highlights his work using a “” domain:

Introducing Lennart Heim: Pioneering the path in AI governance is the personal website of Lennart Heim, a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI), 1where he spearheads the Compute Governance initiative. Since its inception in 2018 by Allan Dafoe at the University of Oxford, GovAI has been at the forefront of shaping global AI policy and governance. Transitioning from its origins within Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute to an independent entity in 2021, GovAI, now under the leadership of Ben Garfinkel, continues to influence the international dialogue on AI. Within this distinguished institution, Lennart spearheads the Compute Governance initiative, contributing to understanding and guiding the development of AI technologies for societal benefit. Based in England, his work focuses on the critical role of computing power in advancing AI systems, emphasizing the importance of policy development and security measures in AI governance. Through fostering a worldwide research community, Lennart aims to navigate the complex challenges presented by the evolution of AI technologies, ensuring they are developed responsibly and ethically. 

Bridging policy and technology: Lennart Heim’s global advisory influence

Lennart’s advisory role extends to providing policy and technical guidance to key technology companies and governmental entities, primarily in the UK and the US. He contributes to the discourse on AI through his academic work, which investigates the impacts of AI systems, machine learning trends, and the significance of compute, data, and AI hardware. His engagement in the OECD.AI Expert Group on AI Compute and Climate, 2alongside positions at INFER Pub and Epoch, 3further underline his commitment to AI governance strategies. Lennart’s educational foundation in computer engineering was laid at ETH Zürich and RWTH Aachen, universities renowned for their contributions to science and technology.

The 80,000 Hours Podcast: A discussion on the risks of advanced AI

In a June 2023 episode of The 80,000 Hours Podcast, 4Lennart discusses the emerging field of compute governance as a crucial strategy to mitigate the risks of advanced AI, highlighting the challenge of preventing misuse by various actors. Compute governance is a subfield of AI governance concerned with controlling and governing access to computational resources.  Lennart suggests regulating access to supercomputing resources as a potential framework for AI safety regulations, acknowledging the challenges posed by the rapid advancement of AI training algorithms. The conversation also ventured into the future of AI governance, touching on US-China technology tensions and the possibility of embedding safety mechanisms in chips, offering a nuanced view on controlling AI capabilities. A platform for pioneering AI governance insights

Lennart uses as a platform to share resources related to his recent paper, “Computing Power and the Governance of AI,” and maintains a blog for further exploration into AI insights. In his March 10, 2024 blog post titled Considerations and Limitations for AI Hardware-Enabled Mechanisms, Lennart dives into the world of AI chip technology. He stresses how crucial it is to think things through when integrating these technologies into AI rules and regulations to avoid any negative outcomes or misuse. Then, in Crucial Considerations for Compute Governance, he untangles the intricate web of managing AI’s brainpower, shining a light on the tricky act of balancing control with the ever-changing role of computing in AI. Lennart lays out a practical guide for those in charge to navigate through the tricky waters of governance, tackling issues like the fast pace of tech advancements, accessing computing power both online and offline, and navigating the global chip market.

The power of a forward-thinking .xyz domain like

By choosing the domain for his personal website, Lennart aligns himself with a modern, forward-thinking approach to online identity that transcends traditional norms. The .xyz domain, known for its versatility and appeal to a diverse, global audience, symbolizes a break from convention, reflecting the innovative nature of Lennart’s work in AI governance. We asked Lennart about his decision to build on .xyz.  As he shared,

“I mostly wanted something short that includes my name (in that case my last name), and I was inspired by Google’s parent company using, I thought that was cool.”

Lennart’s choice resonates with the tech-savvy community and positions his platform as a hub for cutting-edge research and discourse. By adopting .xyz, Lennart not only showcases his commitment to the future of technology but also enhances the accessibility and memorability of his site, making it a smart, strategic move for reaching a wider audience interested in the intersections of AI, policy, and governance. You can learn more about Lennart by following him on LinkedIn and X/Twitter, and by visiting


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