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The .xyz community is growing with unique creator-focused NFT platforms. Ethereum-based platform helps creators mint NFTs embedded with smart contract technology. DAO-governed helps artists launch community-driven NFT universes. NFT platform aims to help creators launch large NFT collections in minutes. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a no-code platform designed for “creating art and culture on Ethereum”:

Introducing Highlight, a creator-focused no-code NFT platform is the online home of Highlight, a platform designed to empower creators in the web3 space. The no-code platform, founded by financial service industry veterans from Square (now, aims to help creators build online communities centered around NFTs. Highlight also provides solutions to help creators host digital live events, create, mint, and distribute NFTs, and sell them on marketplaces like OpenSea. In May 2022, it was reported that Highlight raised $11 million in a seed funding round led by Haun Ventures.1 In August 2023, the platform participated in, a multi-week event organized by leading cryptocurrency platform Coinbase to celebrate the launch of its new DeFi project, Base. Highlight partnered with and Coinbase to introduce artwork from generative artists like Leander Herzog and Melissa Wiederrecht to millions of new collectors.2

Highlight’s vision of empowering artists with on-chain tools

As shared on Highlight’s page on the Coinbase event’s website, their ultimate vision is to “break down technical barriers that hinder artistic expression, and allow artists to create whatever they want onchain.”3 With this vision in mind, the platform aims to simplify the creator’s process. Beyond minting NFTs, Highlight helps with the customization of online communities, the use of smart contracts, and provides NFT distribution tools. Highlight also offers token-gated Discord channels, tools for merchandise sales, and access to exclusive media content. The platform aids in launching projects on various Ethereum Layer2 (L2) networks, including Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, and Zora. An L2 is a network that enhances speed and reduces cost for transactions on chain.

Solutions designed to revolutionize the web3 landscape

Highlight’s solutions are designed to optimize the digital creative and collection experience. Below are some of the features they aim to provide: 

  • Generative Creation:
    • Users can craft generative art directly on the blockchain.
    • Features include dynamic data inputs, curated outputs, comprehensive testing and preview tools, a convenient draft mode, and the freedom to utilize any assets or libraries of choice.
  • Zero Creator Fees:
    • Creators are promised a zero-fee structure.
    • Only buyers are charged a small fee, ensuring creators retain 100% of their earnings from mints and royalties.
  • Collector Engagement:
    • Enhanced tools to connect with established and potential collectors.
    • Offerings include allowlists (a list of email addresses or domains that you want to receive emails from), rule-based token gating, exclusive reward mechanisms, and more.’s Changelog: Tracking weekly platform enhancements features a Changelog page, which is a log or record of all notable changes made to a project. Here you can see weekly updates regarding various updates and improvements made to the Highlight platform. On August 18, 2023, Highlight shared they had updated the mint pages to include support for bridging to Base and other L2s. On August 11, 2023, the platform shared that they updated the creator dashboard to include filtering and sorting for collections.

Meet the team behind

Co-founder and CEO Nathanial Emodi served as Square, Inc’s Head of Strategy while Co-founder & CTO Kevin Matthews spent 7 years with the company in positions ranging from software engineer to Trusted Identity Director. We are inspired by Highlight’s motivation to empower creators to create art and culture without restriction, and look forward to more innovative and collaborative projects.

The benefits of using a signup form like included a call-to-action (CTA) button that states “Sign up” to encourage visitors to learn more about their platform and stay updated about new features. Visitors can easily enter their email address and click “Sign up” to unlock this added value of direct communication pertaining to platform updates. By collecting email addresses, Highlight fosters a direct and personalized line of communication with interested visitors, bypassing third-party platforms. In addition, Highlight can take advantage of email marketing efforts, which can drive engagement at a relatively low cost compared to other advertising methods. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter @Highlight_xyz and LinkedIn @highlight-xyz, and by visiting


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