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Your personal website is an online hub where you can control your online presence and share your career experiences, creative projects, and just about anything else you choose. Prior Amazon leader Juan José Delgado uses to showcase his skills in marketing strategy. 3D designer and software instructor Erindale Woodford uses to display their design work and online coursework. Austria-based Aleyda Rocha uses to demonstrate her work as a researcher and artist. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished tech entrepreneur and investor who developed his online hub on a retro-styled website with a memorable domain: is the personal website of spiritual-minded tech entrepreneur Ryan Junee. Ryan has a passion for technology startups and spent over 15 years developing and launching innovative ideas. He co-founded six companies including enterprise software company Parsable, digital health platform RxDefine, and online video platform Omnisio, which he later sold to Google. Ryan is also an active investor, and is currently a managing partner at Los Angeles-based seed-stage technology venture capital firm,

Ryan has creatively designed to look like a computer desktop straight out of the early 1990s. It features a desktop wallpaper background inspired by early computer-generated 3D art. The wallpaper is centrally branded with and the tagline “This is not a test,” which is a great way to permeate his short and memorable domain name into the viewer’s experience and help keep it at top of mind. The “desktop” even features 8-bit draggable icons. This unique and artistic design style serves to organize and highlight all of the information Ryan wishes to share. It also encourages visitors to navigate the entire website, making sure they don’t miss a single click.

The most comprehensive and informative link on is the lone “.txt file” icon labeled About Me.txt. This intriguing icon links to a Google document titled “Ryan Junee Bio.” This document highlights Ryan’s background, career history, and social media platforms, and shares links to other biographies about him on platforms such as Wikipedia and AngelList. It functions as a quick and easy, image-free press release that provides all of the most pertinent information Ryan wishes to display to the world. also showcases three links, disguised as file folder icons, creatively titled to foster curiosity and spotlight Ryan’s most prominent passions: tech startups, writing, and spirituality.

  • How to start a startup – This “folder” leads to his YouTube video titled “How To Start a Billion Dollar Business.” This link provides visitors the opportunity to discover that Ryan has a YouTube channel featuring eight insightful videos ranging in topics from leadership style, spirituality, and how to find profitable startup ideas. 
  • The nature of reality – Ryan’s blog, or “digital garden” as he calls it, where he publishes his thoughts on business, consciousness, and the nature of reality. 
  • Finding your purpose -Another of Ryan’s highlighted YouTube videos, titled “5 Questions to Find Your Deepest Purpose,” which shares Ryan’s insights gained from his own journey of spiritual awakening.

Ryan populates his “desktop” with more creative icons to lead visitors to each location he wants them to experience. He shares an icon that links to his venture capital firm, Ryan also includes an icon that links to his Quintessence Newsletter, where he welcomes visitors to subscribe to his occasional newsletter for more of his thoughts on business, consciousness, and the nature of reality. even displays icons that link to his social media profiles on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. To infuse even more personality into his personal website, Ryan features two “.jpg” icons which proudly highlight photos of his faithful furry companions, Storm and Luna.

Selecting a memorable domain name like is beneficial because they’re easier to remember, repeat, and type. Innovative leaders recognize that their website URL is an opportunity to differentiate themselves and make a lasting impression on potential clients and collaborators. With, Ryan has a domain name that sticks in potential users’ minds because it’s as simple to remember as his name. He uses his memorable .xyz domain to control his online presence and highlight everything he wishes to showcase to the world. Ryan believes his .xyz domain helps signify his forward-thinking. As he explained to us, “.xyz is popular with technologists, particularly in web3, and sends a subtle message of being ‘in the know’. I personally chose .xyz because I wanted an ENS domain that was also publicly accessible in the browser (unlike .eth) and .xyz was the first to support this.” We are inspired by forward-thinkers like Ryan defining the .xyz community. You can keep up with Ryan by following him on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and by visiting

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