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AI developers are using .xyz and more XYZ Registry domains like .Audio, .Game, and .Quest to explore the latest technologies and provide useful solutions. AI-powered platform aims to empower crypto trading enthusiasts. Cloud-based platform is designed to help developers train, deploy, and manage machine learning models. Music production platform is geared towards simplifying and accelerating sound creation. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an audio tech company leveraging artificial intelligence to innovate how people experience audio across all digital platforms: IRIS.Audio.


IRIS Audio Technologies: elevating audio experiences across platforms

IRIS.Audio is the online home of IRIS Audio Technologies, a UK-based startup with a core mission of enabling individuals to “Listen Well.” The company draws upon their research regarding the neurological effects of sound to emphasize the enhancement of focus, productivity, and well-being. They apply sound science designed to elevate audio experiences across digital platforms, encompassing video meetings, streaming, podcasts, and audiobooks. Central to their offerings are software solutions characterized by their “phase-aware” engineering, aimed at generating immersive and lifelike digital soundscapes. IRIS’s solutions harness psycho-acoustic principles and AI technologies, helping them to innovate across various sectors and devices. In April 2023, the startup secured a $7 million investment led by Puma Private Equity. This funding aims to accelerate the growth of AI-powered voice isolation technology.1 In August 2023, digital industry publication NewDigitalAge featured Briony Goldsack, the startup’s VP of Engineering, in their “Women in Tech” series.2 That same month, it was reported that IndyCar partnered with IRIS Audio to enhance the quality of their broadcasts by eliminating background noise in real-time. This partnership is designed to provide viewers with crystal-clear audio across various platforms, enhancing the live racing experience.3

IRIS Clarity and IRIS Clarity Studio: Designed to eliminate background noise

IRIS Clarity is the company’s AI-powered enterprise solution. It is designed to eliminate background noise in video meetings and contact center calls. Aimed at delivering significant improvements in productivity, customer experience, and agent well-being, the IRIS Clarity is compatible with Microsoft and Apple, as well as leading call systems and platforms such as Avaya and Genesys.

The IRIS Clarity Studio solution specifically targets call recordings. It features voice isolation technology designed to remove all background noise from recordings to help improve transcription accuracy and post-call analytics. It offers a built-in preview allowing users to compare audio before and after applying IRIS Clarity to notice the difference. You can also connect to internal and cloud storage systems to schedule and automate the processing of recordings.

IRIS.Audio – a descriptive domain name that amplifies

IRIS strategically uses the memorable and descriptive .Audio domain to bolster their online brand presence and captivate their target audience. The .Audio extension communicates the core of their business and helps ensure that their domain name is easily remembered and relevant to their industry. This choice offers the advantages of clarity and discoverability, making it easy for users to find and engage with IRIS’s offerings.

Founder & CEO Jacobi Anstrutherat spoke of IRIS Audio’s mission in the press. “As organizations from public services to motor racing and call centers become ever more virtual in how they communicate, our mission is to make critical communications clearer, more effective and less taxing by eradicating background noise.” We are inspired by IRIS and their interest in optimizing critical communications. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, and by visiting IRIS.Audio.


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