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我们想道贺,,, 和299.xyz的新的注册人,其价格为 21,000RMB (~$3,148 美元), 20,000RMB (~$3,000美元), 16,500RMB (~$2,473美元), 和 16,000RMB (~$2,399美元)。







跟多商业用.xyz的域名,我们很高兴看到中国领先的注册商之一更名用。我们快要拿到了认可,我们不能等待,看看在互联网更多的中国人名为.xyz网站!需要跟多信息,请看 ,而这礼拜回来看官方公告。




不要忘了订阅我们的通讯可以收到.xyz的最新国际新闻。,, & more: 3-4 character .xyz auction results (August 2016)

Another themed auction success! Our 3-4 character .xyz themed auction has wrapped up and we want to provide our Chinese supporters with the highlights. We’re very happy with the results, and we bet the buyers are too!

We’d like to congratulate the new owners of,,, and, which sold for 21,000RMB (~$3,148 USD), 20,000RMB (~$3,000 USD), 16,500RMB (~$2,473 USD), and 16,000RMB (~$2,399 USD) respectively. These NNN domains are rare and exclusive, so the winners really snagged some good domain names!

Scroll down to view a list of auction results.

This won’t be the last theme auction we are planning, so stay tuned for all of the upcoming .xyz exclusive auctions by following us at


West263 expands internationally with

Chengdu West, one of China’s largest registrars, recently soft launched their new international website for their English and international customers on With .xyz being the most popular new domain among Chengdu West customers, as well as internet users all over the world, they knew that was the best URL for their business to expand globally.


With more and more businesses adopting .xyz for their websites, it is great to see one of China’s leading registrars rebrand with With accreditation in China around the corner, we can’t wait to see many more Chinese .xyz websites on in the internet! For more information, visit and check back later this week for the official announcement.


3-4 character auction results

DOMAIN RMB USD RMB¥21000 $3111.11 RMB¥20000 $2962.96 RMB¥16500 $2444.44 RMB¥16000 $2370.37 RMB¥14500 $2148.15 RMB¥13000 $1925.93 RMB¥9200 $1362.96 RMB¥6000 $888.89 RMB¥5400 $800 RMB¥5000 $740.74 RMB¥4800 $711.11 RMB¥4700 $696.3 RMB¥4400 $651.85 RMB¥4100 $607.41 RMB¥4000 $592.59 RMB¥3700 $548.15 RMB¥3600 $533.33 RMB¥3400 $503.7 RMB¥2700 $400 RMB¥1300 $192.59 RMB¥1000 $148.15 RMB¥1000 $148.15 RMB¥950 $140.74 RMB¥950 $140.74 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥900 $133.33 RMB¥850 $125.93 RMB¥850 $125.93 RMB¥850 $125.93 RMB¥850 $125.93 RMB¥850 $125.93 RMB¥800 $118.52 RMB¥800 $118.52 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥750 $111.11 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥700 $103.7 RMB¥650 $96.3 RMB¥550 $81.48 RMB¥500 $74.07 RMB¥450 $66.67 RMB¥420 $62.22 RMB¥370 $54.81 RMB¥360 $53.33 RMB¥350 $51.85

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