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Did you know that nearly half of all households in the world have a computer? 87% of US households alone have one. With that kind of widespread adoption, it’s not surprising to see that there are a lot of computer and internet users who don’t have a strong grasp of everything the powerful machine in their living room can do.

But no matter your PC proficiency, there are coders out there who have your back. This week we’re taking a look at one in particular who has created a tool that helps businesses avoid getting stuck using confusing tech to build their software: was created by Keith Horwood as a property under his company StdLib which provides software developers with tooling to effortlessly build APIs, or “the building blocks of modern business software” as Keith frames them.

To let Keith explain is his own words; “We’ve found, as we’ve grown, that there is a huge cohort of both new developers and knowledge workers looking for workflow automation solutions that know how to code but aren’t served well by the ‘highly technical’ development solutions of today. was born to enable this market of developers and knowledge workers to write software (marketers, accountants, you name it) while still providing an easy on-ramp for our more technical customers into our ecosystem.”

This innovative platform and approach to API building caught the attention of major Silicon Valley investors Stripe, who committed $2 million to back and help it grow to acquire legions of developers.

“The overarching goal of is to provide a “Google Docs”-like experience for people writing web-based software and business integrations (APIs). Software development is still very much a highly technical field, but that’s rapidly changing.

We love the connotation of ‘.xyz’ especially as it relates to the name ‘code.’ As the last three letters of the alphabet, there’s an association with learning and the childlike fascination with the world we all had when we were younger. We’d like our community to embrace that feeling and empower them to be great developers, to write great code — regardless of previous experience, with only the click of a button.”
– Keith Horwood, Founder and CEO of

#GenXYZ is filled with intelligent individuals, and it’s inspiring when we see that intuition being used to help make a solution that simplifies the lives of others. is making things easier for developers everywhere, and is a perfect example of the good you can bring to your industry when you apply your knowledge to make things better than you found them.

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