February 2024 Posts – Namecheap customer – (United States) Developers dedicated to advancing the adoption of web3 are launching their projects on .xyz domains. Blockchain analytics platform aims to humanize crypto. […] – Squarespace customer – (United States) The .xyz community is home to forward-thinking developers aimed at revolutionizing industries. Tech startup focuses on enhancing GPS precision. Marketing platform […]

Ezly.Rent – Namecheap customer – (United States) Creative developers are harnessing the power of .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .Security, .Audio, and .Rent to develop AI-driven solutions, fostering innovation […] – Namecheap customer – (United States) – Network Solutions customer – (United States) Across diverse industries, innovative companies are choosing .xyz domains for their digital presence. Entertainment company produces audio storytelling projects for Audible. […]

Everywhere.Game – customer – (United States) In the realm of digital entertainment, the gaming industry is seeing an influx of inventive games, cutting-edge platforms, and integrated gaming ecosystems showcased […] – GoDaddy customer – (United Kingdom) Innovative developers are using .xyz domains to leverage AI and optimize their solutions. AI-powered music production platform aims to empower music creators.  […] – Squarespace customer – (Canada) In the dynamic world of web3, .xyz and XYZ Registry domains, such as .LOL and .Game, are increasingly becoming the go-to choices for decentralized […] – Namecheap customer – (United States) The .xyz community is home to many skilled artists and visual creatives sharing their talents on .xyz domains. Audio-visual artist Cody Samson shares […]

January 2024 Highlights 115 premium XYZ Registry domains were registered* Most popular TLDs in premium sales*: .XYZ, .Auto, and .Game Examples:, Design.Auto, and Seven.Game Most popular TLDs in standard […]