December 2023 Posts

Guts.Tickets – customer – (Netherlands) Developers are using .xyz and more XYZ Registry domains like .Quest, .Tickets, and .Security to harness the power of blockchain technology and provide secure […] – CSC customer – (United States) Talented musicians are using .xyz to develop online hubs and showcase their music. Musical artist Talia Goddess uses as an all-inclusive virtual […] – GoDaddy customer – (United Kingdom) As the gaming industry continues to evolve, a growing number of groundbreaking games, innovative gaming platforms, and entire gaming ecosystems are being developed […]

Skyhawk.Security – GoDaddy customer – (Israel)  Innovative developers are using .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .Security, .Audio, and .Game to harness AI and optimize their products. Web3 gaming company […] – Gandi customer – (France) Web3 businesses are harnessing .xyz domains to debut innovative crypto wallet and digital asset management solutions. Crypto wallet security solution aims to help […] – Namecheap customer – (United States) The .xyz community is home to forward-thinking developers aimed at revolutionizing industries. Retail technology company is geared towards optimizing product traceability. Citizenship […] – customer – (United Kingdom) Forward-thinking developers are leveraging artificial intelligence and using .xyz domains to launch their innovative solutions. AI-powered music production platform aims to empower […] – Squarespace customer – (United States) Blockchain developers are using .xyz domains to leverage the latest technologies and develop revolutionary solutions. VC firm and DAO aims to reshape […] – Squarespace customer – (United States) The .xyz community is home to many skilled artists and visual creatives sharing their talents on .xyz domains. Abstract artist Octavious Jones shares […]

November 2023 Highlights Words from #GenerationXYZ: – $9,888 Aftermarket Sale “For web3 startups, xyz is an obvious TLD domain name choice. It’s forward-thinking, it symbolizes decentralization, and it’s easily […]