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Developers are using .xyz domains to harness the power of blockchain technology and provide secure and transparent solutions. Auditing platform is aimed at keeping your smart contracts bug-free. Crypto wallet security solution aims to help identify and prevent fraud before it happens. DeFi cybersecurity platform is dedicated to enhancing the cybersecurity landscape. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a digital asset management solution designed to help you securely delegate the utilities of your assets to another wallet.:

Introduction to Delegate: Transferring NFT utility rights to other wallets is the online home of Delegate, a digital platform that facilitates the delegation and trading of utility rights associated with NFTs. The platform aims to help NFT owners tokenize and sell the utility of their assets, such as access to exclusive events or digital content, without transferring the underlying NFT itself. On November 15, 2023, Delegate launched Liquid Delegate, a marketplace for the tokenization and trading of NFT utility rights, aiming to provide a secure and efficient platform for trading asset utilities like concert access and exclusive merchandise claims without counterparty risk.1

Bridging NFT utility and ownership

The platform works with multiple blockchain networks, like Ethereum and Polygon, to allow NFT owners to share or sell the special perks their NFTs provide without giving up ownership of their NFTs. It’s like being able to give the live concert ticket perk of your Steve Aoki NFT to a friend without giving up the NFT itself, which is a digital collectible. Delegate aims to avoid the complications of connecting different blockchain networks directly in an effort to make it safer and simpler for users. Additionally, they’ve designed a system where you can link a secure, rarely-used wallet with a more frequently used one. This way, the wallet you use every day can do things on behalf of the secure one, akin to giving it permission to act for you, which is especially handy for claiming digital rewards or participating in online voting for clubs or projects.

Launching Liquid Delegate: A new marketplace

With the launch of Liquid Delegate, Delegate takes a step further by creating a marketplace where these borrowing and lending transactions can happen. When an NFT owner uses this service, they place their NFT in a digital safe (escrow), and in return, get a special token (Liquid Delegate NFT) that represents the borrowing rights. This token can be traded, meaning others can buy or rent the perks your NFT offers. The system is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for these tokens to be easily returned or destroyed to end the borrowing agreement, and ensuring the original owner gets their NFT back safely. This approach is geared towards making it easier for NFT owners to capitalize on their assets in a secure manner, and fostering new ways for people to access and enjoy the benefits of digital collectibles.

The evolution to

The platform upgraded their domain from to the more modern, reflecting a strategic move towards a more versatile brand identity. The .xyz domain, recognized for its association with innovation, technology, and the future of the internet, positions Delegate at the forefront of the digital asset space. This choice highlights the platform’s commitment to pioneering in the NFT and blockchain ecosystem, resonating with a tech-savvy audience that values forward-thinking and inclusivity. .XYZ offers a neutral, universal appeal, emphasizing the platform’s accessibility and its ambition to be at the cutting edge of digital ownership and utility trading. This domain shift not only enhances Delegate’s brand visibility within a crowded marketplace but also aligns with its mission to provide a comprehensive, secure, and innovative service to NFT owners and enthusiasts across the globe. You can learn more by following the platform on X/Twitter @delegatedotxyz and by visiting


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