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The .xyz community is home to many visual artists sharing their talents and accomplishments on .xyz domains. Abstract artist Berta Negari uses to showcase her contemporary art. Generative artist Owen Moore uses to share his innovative artwork. Contemporary artist Michael Ho uses to highlight his creative endeavors. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a visual artist who shares his artwork using his own memorable .xyz domain:

Introducing Shea Maze and his artistic journey is the personal website of Shea Maze, a multidisciplinary artist and chef from Minneapolis, MN. Influenced by his mother’s artistic sensibilities, his grandmother’s craftsmanship and love for nature, and his father’s self-reliant approach to challenges, Shea developed an artistic voice that blends precision, resourcefulness, and a deep connection to the natural world. Initially skeptical about pursuing a career in the art field, Shea found inspiration and a renewed sense of creativity in the culinary arts during a transformative stint in the restaurant industry. This experience helped shape his approach to visual art, integrating the culinary principle of creating harmony from disparate ingredients into his sculptural, painting, and drawing practices. Shea’s work is characterized by its speculative fiction elements, metaphorical depth, and a commitment to sustainability and community engagement, showcasing his belief in the power of up-cycling and art’s accessibility. Notably, Shea was the main exhibitor and winner of the 2022 Best in Community Showcase at Minneapolis’ Powderhorn Art Fair, recognized for his work in Mixed Media 2D.1

Zap!, Shea Maze

Navigating A user-friendly artistic encounter

Shea’s website is user-friendly, fostering easy navigation for visitors. The homepage features a colorful gallery of Shea’s artwork available for sale, including 3D artwork like Blocks, a vibrant, 12-inch round art piece made from scrap wood upcycled from past projects. He also features Giclée prints such as Zap!, an ​​8” x 10” print featuring a pink-haired woman wielding a futuristic ray gun. Her white t-shirt features Shea’s logo, a maze with the letter M in the center. 

Smell some flowers, Shea Maze

Visitors can also view a full assortment of Shea’s past artwork, organized in categories such as Paintings, Drawings, and Digital Art. One of his paintings, titled “Smell some flowers,” features a stylized portrait of a man surrounded by yellow flowers against a pale blue background. The individual depicted has black hair, a beard, and is shown with a direct gaze and an open mouth, revealing gold teeth. The art style is characterized by bold outlines and flat areas of color, giving it a graphic and modern look. Shea uses acrylic and house paint on a 20” x 20” canvas. 

Additionally, Shea shares his Artist Bio and CV, which provide insight into his background, his employment history, and his experiences in the art world. One such noteworthy event is the “Grandma’s Garden” exhibit, which was on display at the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum & Gallery from October 10 through December 9, 2023. In this exhibition, Shea explored the theme of memory and heritage through the artistic manipulation of white flower gourds grown in his grandmother’s garden. 2Through processes of cutting, sanding, shaping, breaking, and mending, he highlighted the natural beauty of these gourds, while the use of pigments derived from his grandmother’s natural dye vats added layers of personal and historical significance to each piece. The exhibit served as both a tribute to his grandmother and a celebration of the meaning of Sankofa, a concept from the Akan people of Ghana, emphasizing the importance of remembering and honoring the wisdom of elders.3

The benefits of a memorable domain like

The strategic choice of a short and memorable domain name, such as, offers significant benefits for an artist’s online presence. A concise domain name not only facilitates easy recall among the audience but also enhances the shareability of the website on social media and word-of-mouth recommendations. Moreover, a domain name that closely aligns with search terms people are likely to use—like “maze art”—can greatly improve a website’s visibility on search engines. Anyone searching for “maze art” will find prominently positioned at the top of the search page (as of March 26, 2024). This prime placement is crucial, as it can help make sure that people looking for Shea’s business, known as Maze Art, immediately find You can learn more about Shea and view more of his art by following him on Instagram and by visiting


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