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Summer is ending and school is just around the corner. Thinking about the new things you’ll learn this year is exciting, but switching your brain back to school mode can be a challenge. Luckily, this week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, will help get those gears turning again so you can get a head start this school year.
letsmathBased in India, LetsMath is an online learning platform that teaches #MathforGenZ with courses taught by experts who are available to give feedback to students 6 days a week. LetsMath lessons are self-paced and designed from scratch specifically for the digital generation. They’ve also created a mobile app, so students can access helpful feedback and lessons anywhere on a device they use every day.

LetsMath exemplifies the innovative spirit of .xyz in the way they frame their concepts in real world situations that students can more easily relate to. By aligning their social media handles with their .xyz web address, they have made it easier for students to find their practice problems on channels like Facebook and Twitter.

LetsMath is preparing students for a successful future by teaching them time-honored math concepts in an engaging way, and their .xyz web address is a perfect fit to connect with the next generation. Head to to get your own .xyz domain and share your knowledge with Generation XYZ!

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