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Pioneers and proponents of artificial intelligence are using .xyz domains to help promote the possibilities of AI. Media platform shares art and interviews spotlighting the pioneers of artificial intelligence. Generative AI startup aims to increase accessibility with open-source models and services. AI platform is focused on helping foster accessibility in the field of artificial intelligence. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to the online hub of a podcast aimed at exploring the latest use cases and developments in AI:

Edge of AI, a podcast exploring the developing field of artificial intelligence is the online hub of the Edge of AI podcast, a series introduced in August 2023 focused on the developing field of artificial intelligence. Edge of AI is presented by The Edge Of Company (, “a technology media, event, and advisory venture dedicated to pushing technological boundaries and redefining human potential.”1 produces podcasts and events that explore web3, technology, and culture with an aim of fostering innovation, collaboration, and exploration.2 Their inaugural podcast series, Edge of NFT3, is focused on web3 and blockchain pioneers.

The hosting team of Edge of AI

Edge of AI boasts a distinguished lineup of hosts, with Ron Levy at the forefront. Ron is the co-founder and CEO of The Crypto Company (TCC), a publicly traded web3 company, and the chairman of the Blockchain Training Alliance, a blockchain education firm.4 Joining Ron are the co-founders of The Edge of Company, Eathan Janney and Joshua Kriger. Eathan is a self-described “polymath in arts, sciences and entrepreneurship.” He earned a PhD in neuroscience after initially pursuing a music education. He also serves as the CEO of Piano Technicians Masterclasses, a series of interactive virtual piano training seminars. Meanwhile, Joshua Kriger is a co-founder and partner at MainChain Ventures, a team of strategic advisors that leverage entrepreneurial experience to help guide companies to success.

Exploring A comprehensive hub for episode descriptions, creator directories, and more provides a centralized platform for accessing various resources and information about web3. The website features pages dedicated to episode descriptions with key takeaways and notable quotes, a directory of creators and guests, and a Subscribe page that shares links to various listening platforms and the option to subscribe by RSS feed. The podcast aims to feature engaging discussions with AI trailblazers and provide insights into the impact and implications of AI in various industries. By exploring the intersection of technology, enterprise, culture, and AI, the Edge Of AI podcast aims to demystify the complexities and advancements of AI. The Episodes page lists each podcast episode, detailing information about the hosts, guests, synopsis, and notable quotes. This comprehensive approach allows listeners to quickly find, review, and listen to their favorite episodes.

Explore Ep. #1 – AI’s Journey: From Object Recognition to Artistic Appreciation. In this episode, host Eathan Janney has a conversation with Dr. David G. Stork, a scientist and author in the field of machine learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. The conversation delves into AI’s role in art analysis, highlighting the balance between using computer capabilities and enhancing personal skills. You can also check out Ep. #2 – Mastering Midjourney with Galen Oakes Of Future Factory, hosted by Ron Levy. In this episode, Ron speaks with guest Galen Oakes, Creative Director at web3 community platform, who embraces AI’s potential in art creation and discusses its impact on the world. Interested listeners can tune in using platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music, or listen directly on

The benefits of an online hub for your podcast like

An online hub like can serve as a valuable resource for promoting your podcast effectively. By choosing a distinctive domain name, you have the opportunity to reach a global audience across various podcast platforms. Launching a website like can help you consolidate your audience in one centralized digital space, offering direct access to all streaming platforms where listeners can discover your content. In addition, a dedicated website can enhance awareness and engagement by offering a comprehensive hub of your podcast and related services, catering to both your existing audience and potential newcomers. We are inspired by the Edge of AI podcast and their interest in sharing insights from the pioneers of developing technologies. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting You can learn more about The Edge Of Company by visiting


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