Blog turns ENS profiles into shareable URLs

We are excited to publish a service we started developing to help ENS users share what they want to the world: The XYZ Registry is committed to supporting the next generation of internet users, including Web3 trailblazers and beyond. In 2018, we helped pioneer the original Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and DNS integration, helping you to use your .xyz domain for your Ethereum wallet address. With over 3 million registrations worldwide, .xyz is quickly becoming a top choice for those that value freedom and versatility online. This is especially true for the rapidly growing blockchain community. is a feature we started developing to continue our support of the blockchain community. If you have a .eth name, you have a profile for it in the ENS manager. This profile can be a hub for all the important public information you want to be connected with the .eth name – including a profile picture and contact information. With, all .eth name holders can display their ENS profiles in all web browsers. This shortlink can work for .eth holders in a few suggested ways: a lookup where you can more easily find the profile and wallet information connected to an .eth name, a way to share your addresses, or an easy way to showcase your NFT collection. This is the first draft of this service and we are looking forward to receiving feedback and collaboration from the ENS community. We published the project on GitHub so that anyone can suggest ideas or changes.

Every .eth name has been granted automatic access to an shortlink. To use it, just add “.xyz” to the end of any .eth name in any web browser and the corresponding ENS profile will display (i.e. Nick.eth = The profile content is automatically populated from publicly available information provided through ENS, and is ultimately controlled by the relevant ENS user. also benefits ENS profiles connected to .xyz domains, subdomains, and any other domain ending. Viewing these profiles is just a little bit different: add the domain (your ENS username) to the end of (i.e. It still has some TO DOs and known issues to be worked out, and we are excited to test it out. We are looking forward to understanding what else the community would like to see in this feature. We are also looking forward to gas prices coming down so more users can create ENS profiles and connect their .xyz domains to their wallets via ENS.

The above screenshot is the profile that generates from an .eth name, if it has been added via the ENS Manager. ENS Founder and Lead Developer Nick Johnson has the .eth name Nick.eth. makes it possible to access the ENS profile he associated with Nick.eth in any browser by adding the “.xyz” at the end of his name. Type into your browser. His profile is populated with the information that was important to him to share, such as his website, email address, and social media profile.

All of the displayed content for each .eth name is dynamically pulled from the connected ENS profile, down to their NFTs. Beneath the profile is a neatly organized display of the connected NFT collection. Each NFT is clickable for a closer look at the title and description, pulled via API from OpenSea.

Following Nick’s NFT collection is any addresses that he has connected to his ENS profile, which will make it easier for others to identify his wallet addresses and transact with him.

See another great example of a profile with an extensive NFT collection from Ben Horowitz, author and co-founder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. He has the .eth name BenAHorowitz.eth. When you type into your browser you can see a link to his Twitter profile, his NFT collection, and the address to his Ethereum wallet. Ben’s NFT collection includes an assortment of CryptoKitties, as well as a selection of Pixel Portraits.

Another great profile example belongs to Maaria Bajwa, principal at Sound Ventures, a technology venture capital firm led by Ashton Kutcher. Maaria has the .eth name Maaria.eth. By typing into your browser, you can see a link to Maaria’s Linktree page, her Telegram, and her Twitter profile. Beneath that, check out over 80 NFTs in her vast collection ranging from Mini-Pufts from the limited run of Ghostbusters: Afterlife Collectibles, to a couple of Robopets, a collection of droid characters designed by artist Pablo Stanley.  ​​ and our longstanding partnership with Ethereum continues to enhance our mission of supporting the next generation of internet users. We are inspired by the many forward-thinking Web3 developers launching their projects in the .xyz community, and look forward to more to come.

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