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Booming tech startups and independent developers alike are using .xyz domains to showcase their innovations in the field of artificial intelligence. AI-powered recipe platform generates recipes based on the ingredients users have on hand, their specific dietary requirements, and preferences. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an independent platform focused on AI-powered text-to-image generation: A platform for text-to-image generation is the online home of Eye for AI, an AI platform focused on text-to-image generation. Eye for AI presents an opportunity for users to generate images from textual descriptions. The platform is designed to be quick and user-friendly for users of all levels, and claims users can produce images in under a minute. The platform’s visual prompt builder is aimed at helping users craft intricate visual prompts with ease. This tool is intended to simplify the image creation process and make complex image creation tasks more accessible.

Avatar generation with DreamBooth

Among the notable features of Eye for AI is its Avatar Generation tool called DreamBooth. This feature is engineered to train the AI on user-provided images with a goal of integrating these trained images with the user’s prompts. indicates that this feature “takes away the hassle of training your own AI models.” Users just need to upload their images, and Eye for AI manages the subsequent training without the need for coding. Plus, it’s designed to be quick. states that users can have their AI-trained avatar “ready within 20 minutes.” The DreamBooth page includes step-by-step instructions for generating and training your avatar and generating personalized images using prompts. For example, if your AI model’s name is John Smith and you want to generate an image of your AI model in a park location, you can write: A portrait of efa John Smith in a park (The “efa” stands for Eye for AI).

Reusable templates for image generation

Another highlight is the platform’s emphasis on efficiency. Eye for AI offers a template system, enabling users to save their preferred prompts. These saved templates can then serve as foundational blocks for future image-generation tasks, streamlining the creative process.

Available template options include:

  • Stylized Portrait: A tool that aims to transform standard images into artistic headshots. 
  • Illustration: A feature designed to generate vector illustrations. 
  • Long Shot Photography: A function that aims to produce photo-realistic images. 


Meet developer Michael Stivala

Eye for AI is developed by Michael Stivala, a software engineer, tech writer, and founder of blockchain development studio Luzzu. His book “A Developer’s Guide to Launching an NFT Collection” is a guide for developers looking to delve into the blockchain and NFT space. With Eye for AI, Michael is venturing into the space of AI-driven creativity. We are proud to have Michael and his innovative project as part of our .xyz community of AI pioneers. You can learn more by following Michael on Twitter, and by visiting


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