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AI-powered solutions are developing their online homes on .xyz domains. Tech startup is aimed at harnessing AI technology to make it easy to access and leverage web3 data. NFT platform is aimed at providing users with a new tool for generating AI-powered animated avatars. Dashboard builder leverages AI to make chart building easier for non-technical team members. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a solution aimed at building an AI librarian to curate the internet:

Introducing, a solution geared at knowledge management with AI bookmarking is the online home of Frontdoor, an innovative AI solution that aims to revolutionize knowledge management. Developed by London-based tech startup Frontdoor Labs, the AI bookmarking assistant is designed to provide an efficient and organized way to save, curate, and explore information from the internet. Frontdoor aims to automate the process of tagging and summarizing saved content, with a goal of ensuring that relevant knowledge resurfaces at the right moment. In June 2023, the company hosted a partnership event with web3 protocol Arweave focused on exploring the permaweb, a layer built on top of the Arweave’s global permanent hard drive. Participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas, collaborate, and innovate.1

Knowledge Management and Community Curation: Frontdoor’s Personalized Library and AI-Powered Tagging

One of the primary features of Frontdoor is its claim of being able to help users build a personalized library that organizes and summarizes itself. For instance, if you find yourself overwhelmed by newsletters in your inbox, overflowing Twitter bookmarks, or a multitude of browser tabs left open to read later, Frontdoor offers a streamlined solution. The advanced GPT-4 model powers Frontdoor’s AI system, which automatically tags and summarizes your saved content for effortless retrieval later on when you input it.

Frontdoor also incorporates community-powered curation. Users can tap into the collective wisdom of others by discovering what like-minded individuals are reading. This feature can enhance the personal discovery experience, helping users explore a wider range of knowledge. The AI solution also aims to make it easy to import saved content from other apps, for example: Twitter bookmarks. Frontdoor is designed to intelligently tag and makes these bookmarks searchable, which can eliminate the hassle of scrolling through an ever-growing list of saved tweets.

Joining the knowledge management community and staying informed with the Frontdoor Finds newsletter

Currently available through invitation only, Frontdoor is free for early supporters. The waitlist is being gradually onboarded to maintain a high-quality network of curators. Those eager to join the Frontdoor community can reach out via email to request access. You can also sign up for the company’s Frontdoor Finds newsletter by submitting your email address. While there, you can read previous features, including How is generative AI being used to grow businesses?, a collection of AI-related business tips from Moritz Kremb, founder AI-focused newsletter “The Prompt Warrior.” 

Co-founder Ash Prabaker brings experience in product, growth, and operations. Before joining Frontdoor, Ash played a key development role at Bloop, an AI-focused company known for its innovative coding platform. We had the opportunity to speak with Ash about the decision to build on .xyz. As he explained to us, “We chose to build on .xyz as it felt like the perfect home for us as a business that’s building at the intersection of AI and web3. It helped a lot of our users immediately build a level of trust in us. It was clear we were in good company as we saw .xyz was quickly becoming the de-facto handle for modern startups building at the forefront of the internet.”  

Frontdoor presents an AI-powered solution for knowledge management, designed to streamline the process of curating and exploring information from the internet. The innovative solution is still in its early stages, and we look forward to seeing how this approach to knowledge management develops. You can learn more by following the tech startup on LinkedIn and Twitter @frontdoordotxyz, and by visiting


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