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Web3-focused developers are using .xyz domains to build innovative platforms that stand to disrupt industries. Forbes-featured artist Brandon Tory’s leverages blockchain technology to change the way music and other digital content is valued and distributed. Venture fund strives to invest in artists and startup founders who are uniting web3 and music. Web3 video platform aims to disrupt the Hollywood studio system of film distribution. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a web3 platform that provides no-code interactive story game publishing tools and aims to empower communities to craft stories that enhance their brand’s value:

Storyverse: A platform for user-generated interactive storytelling is the online home of Storyverse, a web3 platform designed to help users create and share their own digital characters and games. While building a game, you have the freedom to design unique characters, set up engaging narratives, and develop interactive choices for other players. These games permit players to actively participate in the story by making decisions that shape the outcome, offering an immersive and personalized storytelling experience. The innovative platform is founded by Justin Waldron and Michael Carter, both of whom also founded game developer Playco, a mobile gaming startup that achieved unicorn status in September 2020 with a valuation “just north of $1 billion.”1 The Storyverse platform provides a space where Profile Picture (PFP) characters can be utilized in new ways. Profile Picture (PFP) characters are visual representations chosen by users to represent themselves online, often used as profile pictures on social media. They serve as a visual identity and a means of self-expression in online communities. The platform provides no-code interactive story game publishing tools, allowing communities to craft stories that enhance their brand’s value. Storyverse is not simply a story-building platform. It creates a creator-centric ecosystem that expands the utility of assets.

In Storyverse, “PLOTs” refer to unique digital areas that creators can buy to build their games and apps. Because there’s a limited number of these PLOTs, they become more sought-after among the community. Transactions and interactions on the platform are managed through the platform’s native currency, INK tokens. In the first week following its launch in February 2022, Storyverse attracted attention from creators around the globe and figures notable in the gaming and crypto space, such as Chain Runners2 and Carly Reilly.3

Bringing the Bored Apes to life: Interactive storytelling in the Storyverse

Interactive storytelling is the core of Storyverse, a function that is aptly utilized in Ape Stories, an interactive game featuring Bored Apes from the well-known Bored Ape Yacht Club. Members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club community, including Eric Golden, Zeneca, and TropoFarmer, participated in Ape Stories by contributing their PFP apes. This marked the first instance of a collection “Entering the Storyverse.” It was also the first opportunity for these owners to witness their apes in motion and interacting with others.4 As Tropofarmer, one of the Bored Ape owners, explained in the press, “I like how the Storyverse lets owners add utility to their PFPs. I can use the platform to leverage my assets in some really interesting ways, whether it’s making my own entertaining stories, or licensing a particular PFP to other creators who feel inspired by it.”5

Everyrealm and Evolution in the landscape of the global entertainment economy

In May 2022, Storyverse teamed up with Everyrealm, a web3-focused social gaming technology company. This alliance aims to help NFT communities by combining Storyverse’s easy-to-use story creation tools with Everyrealm’s expertise in metaverse development. The goal is to make it simpler for these communities to create fun, interactive story games in the metaverse. This partnership culminated in the Genesis Public Sale of PLOTs hosted by Storyverse, which sold out within seven minutes. Everyrealm bought 250 PLOTs, adding more virtual property to its large collection in the metaverse. The partnership between Storyverse and Everyrealm represents an evolution in the landscape of the global entertainment economy, providing more tools for creators to develop new content. As explained by founder Justin Waldron in the press, the platform’s capabilities include enabling creators to “create the next-gen Bart Simpson, Peppa Pig, or Cartman from their mobile phone.”6

We had the opportunity to speak with Kanto, Storyverse’s Marketing Director, about the platform’s choice to build on .xyz. As he told us, “We opted for the .xyz domain as it aligns with our commitment to creativity, inclusivity, and advanced technology. It’s concise, memorable, and globally acknowledged, mirroring our goal to reach a diverse audience. Its innovative reputation fits our web3 principles of decentralization and user-centricity. As such, .xyz was a natural choice, reflecting our aim to be at the forefront of the digital era alongside other web3 pioneers and innovators.”

As a distributed platform for user-generated interactive storytelling and game creation, Storyverse offers opportunities for creators to not only build but also monetize their applications. We are inspired by Storyverse’s commitment to empowering creators.

You can learn more by following Storyverse on Twitter @storyverse_xyz and LinkedIn, joining the Discord, and visiting


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