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The .xyz community is home to investment firms centered on cutting-edge technological advancements. VC firm is geared towards gaming and consumer startups. Early-stage venture firm invests in foundational technologies that support decentralized businesses. Prominent venture capital firm expanded its investment focus to include crypto, blockchain, and emerging technologies like AI. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a VC firm investing in companies advancing the state of web3:

Introducing, a VC firm aimed at advancing web3 is the online home of Geometry, a VC firm geared towards building and investing in companies leveraging deep mathematics, cryptography, and engineering to advance the state of web3. The firm’s portfolio page highlights its support for a selected range of zero knowledge and infrastructure companies, along with public goods projects.  For instance, MatchboxDAO is a collective of developers, artists, and designers who are building the infrastructure of on-chain games. Cubist, a developer platform, aims to assist developers in creating the future of web3 safely and productively, with secure-by-design tools. As stated on their website, ZeroSync introduces “proof systems to Bitcoin for the first time,” aiming to enhance scalability, interoperability, and privacy on-chain.

Exploring the insights of The online Notebook blog also features Notebook, a blog which consists of various research-related posts. In a September 2023 post titled HTML+, Geometry collaborated with crypto wallet to introduce the concept of a Verified Internet (VI) and discuss how crypto technology can be integrated more seamlessly into the web. It proposes a new role for browsers, suggesting they should handle more security responsibilities, thereby shifting risk away from developers and users. This involves an incremental upgrade to HTML, aiming to make crypto more accessible and reduce risk. The post discusses the challenges in the current crypto environment, such as the lack of responsibility for risk in web3 and the overreliance on weak wallets and browsers. It proposes the development of a “strong browser” that can verify digital signatures and AI-generated content, and handle transactions more securely. This browser would significantly change the way users interact with the internet, providing a safer and more intuitive experience. The concept of “HTML+” is introduced in the post, which would extend HTML to include crypto functionalities, simplifying the integration of crypto technologies into web applications. The post emphasizes the need for a stronger browser that can protect user privacy and security, envisioning a future where browsers play a central role in managing our digital lives.

Meet the team of

Geometry features an experienced team of professionals. Leading the team is Tom Walton-Pocock, the Managing Founder, who co-founded and served as CEO at Aztec Network, a notable Ethereum Layer 2. Heading the firm’s research division is Kobi Gurkan, an applied cryptographer with a focus in zk-SNARKs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge) and cryptography. Overseeing operations is Chloe Northcott, a project manager with a diverse tech and entrepreneurship background. She graduated from Newcastle University with a First Class Combined Honors degree in Business & Psychology. uses a branded email address, which can help build trust with founders

Geometry’s communication strategy is carefully designed, using specific email addresses like [email protected] for partner engagement and [email protected] for general inquiries. This approach not only strengthens their position in the competitive VC landscape but also reinforces their brand with every email sent, establishing a secure platform for communication and aligning with their overall digital presence. You can learn more about Geometry by following the firm on X/Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting

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