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The .xyz community is a vibrant hub for talented creatives who utilize .xyz domains to build and enhance their online presence. Book designer uses her .xyz to showcase her eye-catching covers for authors like Ben Folds and Jodi Picoult.  Independent and commercial artist highlights his artwork and business projects. Accomplished writer and book editor Jackson Howard uses to display his writing samples. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a retired teacher and accomplished author who shares her work using a “” domain:

Meet Susan White: A journey from classroom to literary acclaim is the personal website of writer and retired teacher Susan White. Born in New Brunswick, Canada, Susan spent her teenage years on the Kingston Peninsula. She briefly left the area to attend St. Thomas University in Fredericton. Alongside managing a small farm with her husband, Susan pursued a career in elementary education. Since retiring from teaching, Susan has dedicated herself to writing, grateful for the time to focus on this passion. Susan is an accomplished author, known for her works including “Waiting for Still Water,” “Maple Sugar Pie,” and four middle-grade novels. Her notable achievements include winning the Ann Connor Brimer Award for her novel “The Year Mrs. Montague Cried.”

Exploring From published books to insightful blog posts

Choosing the “Books” option on Susan’s website reveals a dropdown menu, offering a selection from her 13 published works. Each book has its own dedicated page, where visitors can find a brief synopsis. Some pages also include testimonials, excerpts, or related press materials, providing a deeper insight into each of her literary creations. For example, on the dedicated page for Skyward, the synopsis introduces Emery, a “Less Than,” living a confined life within a system that divides people into the lowly and the Elite. When Emery takes an assignment caring for the “Old Ones,” she glimpses a world beyond her restrictions. The story unfolds as she plans to escape with Augustus, yearning to return to his former farm, leading Emery to discover the truth about the oppressive system that denied her the sight of the sky and the beauty of the outside world. She experiences new foods, sees trees, and learns about her past for the first time. This page also features a testimonial from Carla Gunn, author of ‘Amphibian’, which states: “Set in an entirely believable near future, the story of Emery, Daisy, and the other Lesser Thans is as unsettling as it is uplifting, as sweet as it is gritty.”

On her blog, Susan shares narratives of her travels, reflections on life, and offers insights into her personal growth and aspirations as a writer. As shared in the post titled On a Dublin Street, she reflects on her inspiring journey to Ireland, where she explored stunning landscapes, historic castles, and quaint villages, all rich in culture and history. While in Dublin, a realization struck her about her writing aspirations: it’s not about achieving bestseller status, but about being the best writer she can be, telling the most compelling stories from her heart and experiences. This epiphany came during a reflective moment in a wine cafe, rather than through extensive writing. She compares her life’s journey, including her experiences in Ireland, to her writing process. Both are about making meaningful contributions, however fleeting they may be. This is exemplified by her visit to the ancient Newgrange Stone Passage tomb, reminding her of the transient yet significant impact of our lives and efforts. features a contact page, which can express interest in engaging with website visitors

On the Contact page, Susan provides various ways for her readers and professionals to connect with her. She lists her personal email for direct contact, and for publishing-related inquiries she includes contact details for Nimbus Publishing and Acorn Press. Her publicist, Trace Belsher, can also be reached via email. Susan also shares links to her social media profiles, allowing followers to engage with her and stay updated on her latest work and activities. A well-organized contact page provides avenues for readers and literary professionals to connect with Susan. You can learn more about Susan by following her on Facebook, Instagram, and X/Twitter, and by visiting

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