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.XYZ is home to investment firms focused on bleeding-edge technologies. VC firm and DAO aims to revolutionize web3 funding. Early-stage venture firm invests in foundational technologies that support decentralized businesses. Prominent venture capital firm expanded its investment focus to include crypto, blockchain, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a VC firm focused on gaming and consumer startups:

Discover, a VC firm investing in the convergence of games and consumer startups is the online home of Patron, an early-stage venture capital firm specializing in investments at the intersection of gaming and consumer startups, an area they term the “Spectrum of Play.” Notable institutions, including Horsley Bridge Partners, Blue Pool Capital, Invesco, and UCLA, support the firm’s financial foundation. Patron has also secured support from notable investors like Mitch Lasky of Benchmark, Marc Andreessen and Chris Dixon from a16z, and Rick Heitzmann and Amish Jani of FirstMark Capital, along with leading builders and operators in the industry. This extensive network places Patron in a strategic position to nurture and support innovative ventures in the evolving sectors of gaming and consumer startups.

The firm is co-founded by Brian Cho and Jason Yeh. Brian, with his experience at Andreessen Horowitz and Riot Games, and Jason, with his tenure in EU Esports and as an investment firm founder, bring expertise to navigate the gaming and consumer startup landscape. Their collective experience helps position Patron to effectively support and guide its portfolio companies towards success.

Patron’s portfolio: Investing in the evolving landscape of web3, gaming, and consumer technology

Patron’s investment portfolio features diverse startups, each contributing uniquely to the evolving web3, gaming, and consumer technology landscape. Among their notable investments is, a platform designed as a growth engine specifically for web3 games. This venture reflects Patron’s deep understanding of the gaming sector’s shift towards blockchain and web3 technologies., another key investment, is a generative fine art marketplace working to democratize digital art. stands at the forefront of blending technology with the arts, making fine digital art accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, represents a strategic move by Patron into the blockchain space. Cymbal focuses on simplifying consumer engagement with blockchain technology, enhancing discovery, sharing, and ownership of blockchain assets. These investments highlight Patron’s dedication to nurturing companies that reshape the digital and creative landscapes, aligning with their “Spectrum of Play” investment thesis. uses a branded email address, which can help build trust with new founders

Patron corresponds with potential partners and founders using the branded email address [email protected]. This strategic choice not only establishes credibility in the competitive startup environment but also reinforces the Patron brand with every email sent. It signals a secure channel for sensitive business communications, encouraging founders to share information confidently. Additionally, the consistency in branding through a branded email address integrates with Patron’s online presence, making it easier for entrepreneurs to explore their portfolio and investment ethos. This approach illustrates Patron’s attention to detail and commitment to professional, secure, and cohesive business practices in the venture capital sector.

You can learn more by following the company on LinkedIn @patronxyz, subscribing to their Substack, following the founders on X/Twitter (Jason Yeh and Brian Cho), and visiting

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