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The .xyz community is home to skilled creative professionals using .xyz to showcase their work. Creative Director shares his engaging campaigns for brands like Under Armour and Verizon. New York Times video journalist highlights her digital video productions. Microsoft Creative Director Alexis Copeland uses to showcase her design projects. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished designer who showcases his career experiences on his own personal website:

Introducing Kyle Lane, the skilled creative designer behind is the personal website of creative designer Kyle Lane. The “California-based Creative” is a design lead for Unity, a San Francisco-based platform for creating and operating real-time 3D content. Kyle’s responsibilities encompass creative leadership mentoring, art directing, and the conceptualization of multichannel brand experiences, among other tasks. In his earlier career, Kyle held roles like Junior Interactive Designer at creative agency AvatarLabs and Interactive Designer at Rosetta, a customer engagement-focused marketing agency. Kyle uses to showcase the diverse skill set and experiences he has acquired over the years.

Exploring From Unity to Netflix

Kyle’s work is displayed in a well-organized manner for visitors to easily navigate. The homepage of features a brief introduction from Kyle as well as a gallery of his design projects. He shares work from his experience at Unity, including a campaign for which he served as Creative Director titled “More Than an Engine.” This campaign is designed to extend Unity’s recognition as a powerful game engine and create more awareness of its end-to-end ecosystem of tools and solutions throughout the game development lifecycle.. The campaign includes a 90-second video showcasing Unity’s development tools, from creation to post-launch. Kyle shares projects from outside his time at Unity, including branding work for Ampla, a tech-driven running shoe startup. He showcases his branding designs, which include product branding, packaging, advertisements, and outdoor media. Kyle also highlights work from his time at AvatarLabs, a creative agency, which he explains is “focused on innovative advertising concepts in the Entertainment space.” His clients while at AvatarLabs included Netflix, Warner Bros, Lionsgate, FX, and Disney. Kyle features work from the Netflix series Stranger Things – including promotional banners, themed Netflix platform designs, and accolade-highlighting ads.

The benefit of including your name in your domain, like

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Words from Kyle Lane

We are proud to have Kyle among the thriving .xyz community of artists, creators, and makers. As he explained to us, “Mainly I chose to build on the .xyz domain to stand out from the traditional .com community, and to help create an immediate reaction when I direct a potential client to my site. I’d like for them to think a little bit more on the conceptual and innovative technology side of design, plus I mean… it just sounds cool.” You can learn more about Kyle by following him on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Dribbble, and by visiting

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