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The .xyz community is home to platforms that exemplify innovation and creativity, setting new standards in the blockchain industry. NFT-to-Product platform helps creators turn NFTs into applications and products via smart contracts. Web3 platform assists NFT collectors in tracking their portfolios across multiple blockchains, aiding them in finding favorable deals across popular NFT marketplaces. Blockchain protocol aims to enhance NFT market operations with an appraisal platform. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a Customer Relations Management platform aimed at helping organizations enter web3:

Holder is a CRM platform geared towards fostering an easy transition to web3 is the online home of Holder, a web3 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation platform. The innovative platform is designed to help facilitate customer engagement for businesses transitioning to web3. Holder aids web3 communities, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and entities in analyzing wallet data to collect, interpret, and interact with their customer base. The platform is purported to be the first to combine wallet data analytics with marketing tools to help improve customer data management and engagement for NFT projects and web3 businesses. aims to address web3 business needs

The CRM platform offers a suite of tools designed for web3 business needs. Its core features include detailed wallet data analytics, a CRM system tailored for decentralized environments, and a marketing automation engine that aims to streamline the process of customer engagement in the token economy. These tools are designed to handle the unique aspects of web3 relationships, from tracking token transactions to understanding the social dynamics of DAOs. 

As highlighted on, the platform features a structured method that aligns with its suite of tools. The three-tiered approach is designed to streamline customer relationship management in the web3 space. 

  • First, Holder aims to capture and merge off-chain data by offering web3-enabled forms to authenticate community members. Their goal is to enrich wallet profiles by combining on-chain and off-chain data, consolidating wallet addresses and first and zero-party data into a unified customer profile.
  • According to Holder, the platform provides tools to build an audience by creating dynamic customer segments informed by both on-chain and off-chain data. It serves as a web3 CRM for managing owners and community members, proposing to integrate contact data with other platforms such as Discord, X (Twitter), and OpenSea.
  • Lastly, Holder states that it enables the scaling of communication efforts through the creation of workflows and automated campaigns that connect traditional web2 communication channels with web3 avenues. The platform claims to facilitate the sending of targeted notifications and updates via email, SMS, Discord, etc., and to support triggering on-chain interactions like airdrops or wallet-to-wallet communications.

Meet CEO and Co-founder Drew Beechler

Co-founder and CEO Drew Beechler has prior experience at High Alpha, an Indianapolis-based venture studio that specializes in conceiving, launching, and scaling Business-to-Business Software as a Service (B2B SaaS) companies. At High Alpha, Drew co-founded more than 30 startups in seven years, contributing to a portfolio featuring notable cloud companies like Attentive, SalesLoft, and Terminus. With Holder, Drew applies his experience in SaaS to the unique aspects of the web3 ecosystem, focusing on customer relationship management in a market characterized by tokenized commerce.

The Holder Library: Prioritizing accessible resources

The Holder Library serves as a resource for insights, articles, and more, covering a range of topics from web3 marketing strategies to the latest industry trends. In an effort to keep users and enthusiasts informed of their continuous innovation, Holder’s Library features “Release Notes” to announce the latest product features and updates.The October 2023 Release Notes include enhancements such as configurable subscriptions for emails and wallet messages, enabling precise customer communication segmentation. Additionally, Holder has implemented measures for users to manage subscriptions and combat spam, reflecting their commitment to permission-based messaging.

From detailed tutorials and FAQs to instruction guides and related articles, these materials are curated to ensure users can quickly find the needed information, boosting satisfaction and confidence in using the platform. By prioritizing these resources, demonstrates its understanding that accessibility to information is paramount in retaining customer interest and preventing the frustration that could drive users towards alternative services. You can learn more about the platform by following their branded social media on X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and Instagram @holderxyz, and by visiting

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