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Successful creative companies are establishing their online homes on .xyz domains. Creative agency works with a client roster of global brands like Google and ESPN. Emmy Award-winning production company creates media for brands like Apple and artists like Beyoncé. Branding agency works with world-renowned brands like Casetify, Ann Taylor, and Kate Spade. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an entertainment production company developing media content across audio-first platforms:

Introducing Fresh Produce Media: Focusing on audio storytelling is the online home of Fresh Produce Media, an entertainment company that specializes in audio productions. Focusing on audio-first content, they produce narrative series, scripted content, documentaries, and provide brand audio strategy services.. Fresh Produce Media engages in creative production, audio storytelling, artist relations, and intellectual property development. The company aims to innovate and captivate audiences through compelling stories and sound. They emphasize a commitment to quality and creativity, seeking to transform complex narratives into immersive auditory experiences. Deadline reported on October 3, 2023, that Fresh Produce Media’s latest Audible sci-fi podcast, “The Salvation,” will star British actors Ariyon Bakare, Rose Leslie, and Toby Jones.1

Fresh Produce Media’s Audible productions: From blacklisted films to punk histories and Broadway’s return

Fresh Produce Media produced several notable shows for the audiobook and podcast service Audible. “The Big Lie,” a series written by writer and executive producer John Mankiewicz, features Jon Hamm and Kate Mara and dramatizes the true story behind the only American movie ever to be blacklisted. Another project, “Punk In Translation,” is a podcast series that delves into the overlooked influence of Latin musicians on punk music, starting with the story of “? and the Mysterians,” and their groundbreaking hit “96 Tears.” Additionally, Fresh Produce Media has presented “Broadway Revival,” a four-part podcast hosted by journalist Faith Salie, which examines the impact of the 2020 Broadway shutdown due to the global pandemic and the subsequent revival of theater productions.

Meet Founder Jason Ross: Navigating media evolution with insight and innovation

Jason Ross, the founder of Fresh Produce Media, brings over two decades of creative executive experience in music, entertainment, and content creation. His career spans a variety of functions, from emerging technology and digital marketing to rights management and strategic partnerships. He has created narrative content, merged technology with interactive experiences, and maintained client and talent relationships to foster business growth. Jason co-founded media company Empirical Wax and founded media consultancy Mercer + Ross, and advises on development strategies and content monetization, tapping into new technologies like AI, Web3, and AR/VR.

The creative evolution to

Fresh Produce Media has upgraded from to, a decision that reflects their progressive stance in the digital entertainment space. The switch to a .xyz domain signifies their alignment with the innovative spirit of contemporary online branding. Popular among diverse digital ventures, the .xyz domain offers the necessary flexibility for a constantly evolving company in a dynamic industry.. Adopting .xyz meets Fresh Produce Media’s needs for a domain accommodating growth and change, highlighting their commitment to leading in audio storytelling. With .xyz, Fresh Produce Media ensures their online home is as adaptable and expansive as their creative endeavors.

We are inspired by the creativity and innovation of and look forward to more entertaining content. You can learn more about the company by following them on LinkedIn and by visiting


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