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Forward-thinking developers are using .xyz domains to harness AI and showcase their innovative projects. Music production platform aims to simplify and speed up sound creation. Talent marketplace software developer harnesses the power of AI to aid in the staffing process. Digital platform harnesses AI to pioneer the future of fashion fabric digitization. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a music technology startup harnessing AI to help fans connect with their favorite music:

Controlla is a startup focused on augmented reality music production is the online home of Controlla, a music technology startup founded in 2021 that creates interactive music games and experiences, helping fans engage with music from their favorite artists. The platform facilitates the creation of derivative works like remixes and memes, offering artists new revenue streams through fan interaction. Founder Rohan Paul, a University of Michigan graduate with a background in rap and music production, guides the company towards a sustainable music ecosystem. Controlla employs AI singing models, trained with singers’ consent, following a self-imposed code of ethics. Controlla takes steps to help ensure the responsible use of AI voices, shares profits with artists, and offers tools for fan engagement and artist collaboration​​​​​​.

Creating your own AI singing voice with Controlla Voice

Controlla Voice is a solution that helps you create your own AI singing voice and offers a versatile range of voice features. The platform’s AI singing technology is designed to help users blend unlimited voices, create unique vocal tones, and train voice models with 5 minutes to 1 hour of singing, rapping, or speaking. This technology helps foster the transformation of acapella into the user’s voice and supports unlimited vocal conversions for subscribers of the Creator Plan. Additionally, the platform accommodates multilingual song creation, and claims to regularly upgrade its models for improved output tailored to individual preferences. With an emphasis on privacy and security, only the user has default access to their voice, and they have the option to share it with select collaborators to help ensure creative freedom and control.

Controlla’s ethical use and regulation of AI singing voice technology

As highlighted on the Ethics page, Controlla has established a code of ethics aimed at governing the use of its AI singing voice technology, emphasizing responsible usage and artist protection. The platform prohibits training their AI models using voices of celebrity singers or any music professionals without permission. Additionally, the use of AI voices for deceptive purposes is forbidden. In terms of prevention and detection, Controlla implements measures within their products to prevent misuse, including disallowing user-uploaded voices, model imports, or any functionality that could allow users bypass regulations or misappropriate artist voices. Controlla collaborates with social media platforms to identify and remove content that violates their ethical guidelines, helping to ensure unauthorized material is halted at all distribution points. Controlla uses its voice models to detect and prevent voice cloning, ensuring the uniqueness of each verified voice. These measures reflect Controlla’s aim to use their technology positively and ethically.’s contact form and branded email makes it easy to get in touch welcomes inquiries and consultation requests. You can reach out by visiting the Contact page and filling out the contact form. The page also features Controlla’s branded email address [email protected], which reinforces brand identity and enhances credibility. The company provides all the contact information necessary for further inquiries. A clear and concise contact page can foster trust and express your interest in engaging with potential customers. You can learn more by following the platform on X (Twitter) @ControllaXYZ, LinkedIn, joining the Discord, and by exploring

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