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Online course platforms have steadily risen in popularity. These platforms use the connective power of the internet to teach general skills from some of the most notable names in their fields. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features an online learning platform that is built specifically to serve engineers and architects by offering courses on architecture taught by real professionals: is an online training platform for both students and professionals in the field of architecture.‘s goal is to share education on key elements of architecture via courses taught by industry professionals. The platform selects teachers with years of experience that have achieved a working knowledge of their field. Teachers are also selected based on’s belief in their ability to teach what they know in a straightforward way.‘s platform covers relevant subjects like structural technique, materials, management, and even design software. This allows platform users to gain a strong baseline knowledge straight from the pros who are working in the field every day.

Courses on vary according to either material type or construction type. This way students can find and enroll in courses that are most relevant to their specialty or interest. Students with no specified interest can jump right into learning by choosing one of six featured courses on the homepage. This gives students the chance to try out a course and plan their learning as they go. Each course has a dedicated page with information on who it’s for and a breakdown of the main topics it will cover. Students can also read reviews from those who have completed the course, so they know what they are getting into before they begin. Teachers also give an overview for each of their courses, which publishes on their branded YouTube channel. Courses vary in price, but users can start a free version by entering their email on the course page. says they have more than 1,000 students and 70 companies currently using their courses as guides.

Each course utilizes a similar whiteboard-style drawing system, where the teachers illustrate lessons as they are speaking.‘s goal with the whiteboard system is to make it easier for students to visualize the techniques they are learning. They also hope to help create a classroom feel and build a connection between student and teacher. works to help build this connection further by featuring a questions page where students can interact with course teachers and find advice. Students are encouraged to ask anything – from problems they are facing, to doubts they may have about their progress on a project. The course teachers will then lend their expert advice and help address the student’s issue. This page is also designed for course participants to network with teachers and other professionals, so they can build up industry contacts. ranks the most active users on this page as well, which incentivizes them to complete more courses so they can gain a higher rank. For those still on the fence about trying the platform, features testimonials from over 70 companies who have used the courses when training employees. This helps build trust for potential users by showing the platform’s backing from industry pros.

Online learning can help students and professionals sharpen their skills by giving them access to expert knowledge at the click of a mouse. exemplifies the benefits online learning can have by offering a specific platform tailored for engineers and architects. Their .xyz domain has helped them create uniform branding across social media and will help them stand out to reach a global audience. Connect with on Facebook and Twitter @ingenioxyz, or by subscribing to their newsletter on the homepage.

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