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Creative companies are often guided by their unique identity or mission, and use that to stand out to potential clients. uses their “born digital” identity to help clients create successful online campaigns. trusts their process and uses it to help established brands innovate solutions by creating new startups. follows the creative guidance and unique design vision of their founder, Adri van Zyl. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features another .xyz adopter fueled by their own unique philosophy to make a positive impact through their work: is a “cause first creative collective” specializing in promotional initiatives that make a positive impact.’s name is a reference to their company philosophy. Featured on their About page,’s philosophy uses a memorable metaphor that fits perfectly as the company’s elevator pitch.

“Life is made of waves. Both modest or massive, waves make impact, washing upon shore for a fleeting impression.

Through constant connection with sand, waves have the unique ability to shift boundaries.

A wave is also a moment in time for brands.

Applying such logic to brands is critical for making meaningful waves that break through disorder, generate change, and accelerate impact.”

To help brands achieve influence, offers services spanning the full promotional process. This includes developing a complete strategy, creating materials, and managing the rollout of a campaign as well. One way they aim to set themselves apart from other creative agencies is by choosing to be “nomadic.” This means goes to their client and works from the front line. Their goal is to immerse their team in the environment and create the most meaningful final product. have brought their impact-focused solution to a few notable brands. In 2018, they created a film for NOVA Hope for Haiti to help the organization raise funding at their annual casino night event. The overall project goal was to recount 16 years of NOVA Hope for Haiti’s work in the region. To accomplish this, filmed on location in South Haiti and spoke with residents to show the challenges the region is facing. Then, they created promotional collateral and managed a full campaign on social media to raise awareness of the film. The full campaign shows how NOVA has helped bring the region much-needed medical care and the positive effect it’s had. NOVA has continued to use‘s film as an introduction to their work on their company website, showing the lasting value that‘s work had for them.

For the Church of St. Francis of Assisi’s LGBT+ Ministry in NYC, completed a full branding overhaul. They developed a new branded color palette and communication strategy that reflects the ministry’s values. They then adapted this new strategy to the ministry’s print, email, digital and social media presences. says the ministry loved the new branding, which was also well-received by many parishioners at their church.

In one of their larger projects, worked with the Alzheimer’s Association in San Antonio and South Texas to create a national fundraising campaign. This campaign was set to kick off the organization’s biggest fundraising event of the 2018-19 fiscal year – the #ENDALZ campaign. filmed a video featuring individuals who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s to inspire change by showing how many lives Alzheimer’s affects. say their work helped to “invigorate advocates” ahead of two major fundraising events for the association that year. chose the perfect brand name to fit their mission, and their globally recognized .xyz domain is ready to grow alongside them as they continue to make waves in their industry worldwide. makes it easy for those interested in working with them to begin the process via their website or branded social media. They have secured on Instagram and Facebook and @wavedotxyz on Twitter and LinkedIn. These handles make them easy to find and promote their website URL right in their social media handle. Their CEO Jason Syptak has gotten creative with their memorable URL as well, listing himself as “🌊.xyz founder” on LinkedIn. Reach out to via their website’s contact form, or stay up to date on their latest projects by subscribing to their newsletter.

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