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Developers dedicated to driving the integration of web3 into business operations are launching their projects on .xyz domains. Web3 platform aims to be a gateway to simplified DeFi. Crypto event is part of Coinbase’s efforts to build an accessible and user-friendly on-chain ecosystem. Web3 authenticator is geared towards simplifying access to digital wallets. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a platform that aims to streamline crypto management for enterprises: is aimed at revolutionizing digital asset management is the online home of Integral, a technology company designed to support businesses operating with digital assets. It offers a suite of back-office solutions aimed at streamlining the accounting, reporting, and management of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related assets. Integral’s platform provides finance professionals with tools for real-time and historical data aggregation, automating complex workflows such as bookkeeping, reporting, and spam filtering. Since launching in 2022, the company has rapidly grown, facilitating over $150 billion in crypto transactions. It serves a diverse client base, including more than 150 businesses such as institutional hedge and venture funds, Fortune 100 companies, and web3-native entities. In October 2023, Integral announced a strategic collaboration with Coinbase, further bolstered by an investment from Coinbase Ventures. This partnership is geared towards revolutionary accounting solutions for Coinbase Prime clients, addressing the management of assets both within and external to Coinbase’s platform.1

A new era for crypto accounting

The innovative platform is distinguished by several notable features designed to address the complexities of managing digital assets in the corporate landscape. It offers data aggregation capabilities, helping users obtain a real-time and historical view of all digital assets, regardless of their storage location. This includes a variety of digital assets such as tokens, NFTs, and vesting contracts. Integral facilitates the automation of various web3 bookkeeping tasks at scale, including bookkeeping, reporting, and spam filtering, through easy-to-configure automation settings. The platform supports seamless data synchronization with existing accounting systems, reducing the reliance on manual efforts and spreadsheets. Additionally, Integral is designed to facilitate efficient management of team accounts, streamlining the tracking of digital asset ownership across departments and minimizing operational redundancies. 

Streamlining crypto transactions

Integral’s platform aims to simplify the process of crypto bill payments, an essential aspect for businesses involved with digital assets. By automating the matching and categorization of on-chain transactions, the platform seeks to reduce the manual labor required for tracking and verification. This automation may help finance teams in the reconciliation process, enabling more efficient management of approvals within their current workflows. Additionally, the capability to execute payments through a Coinbase Prime account is intended to seamlessly integrate payment processes into a secure ecosystem, potentially enhancing operational efficiency. Integral’s approach to mitigating the challenges of transaction tracking and approval processes is geared toward supporting better decision-making and efficiency for businesses. This initiative reflects Integral’s dedication to smoothing operations in the digital assets sector, emphasizing the significance of speed, accuracy, and security in managing back-office functions.

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