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The .xyz community is home to a vast array of skilled professionals sharing their talents on .xyz domains. Audio-visual artist Cody Samson shares his VFX work for Beyoncé and Coachella on Copywriter uses his .xyz to showcase work for brands such as Little Caesars and Smirnoff. Content marketer Allaire Rae Conte highlights her portfolio on In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a finance and media professional who shares his work using a “” domain:

Meet Marc Hartog, a skilled professional helping CEOs and founders tackle business challenges is the personal website of Marc Hartog, a finance and media professional with experience in various executive and advisory roles across the business and media landscape. He began his career in accounting before moving into the media industry, where he played a significant part in the growth of Incisive Media and later founded 1854 Media, a photography media organization. 

Exploring Insights from a career spanning several industries

In the CV section of Marc’s website, he details his multifaceted career with a focus on his role as a fractional CFO since 2013, offering strategic financial guidance to primarily technology companies. This approach allows businesses to access experienced CFO services flexibly and cost-effectively, aligning with their strategic goals such as capital deployment, fundraising, and preparation for exits. Marc also discusses his involvement in key networks, including as a founding member of Fractional, a CXO “board-as-a-service” consultancy, and his past association with The CFO Centre, which offers part-time CFO services worldwide. This model aims to benefit growing businesses by providing affordable access to high-caliber executive expertise and an extensive advisory network.

Marc’s portfolio includes innovative projects and companies like fintech company Fundpath and data management company Redmill Solutions. His career highlights encompass successful capital raising and facilitating company exits, demonstrating a strong background in crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, and strategic investor communications. He also emphasizes his role in developing impactful awards and exhibitions, such as Portrait of Humanity with 1854 Media, which served as a significant engagement and acquisition tool. Further, he describes his efforts in pioneering subscription-based models for 1854 Media, leading to a substantial increase in subscription income and community engagement. His exploration into web3 and NFTs through ART3, a project introducing traditional photography to the blockchain, illustrates his commitment to supporting artists in the digital space. Lastly, his experience in mergers and acquisitions at Incisive Media showcases his strategic thinking and execution in integrating acquired businesses to realize growth and efficiency synergies.

Check out Marc’s blog, where he delves into the intricacies of equity crowdfunding, a method he endorses based on his personal success with three fundraising campaigns and the launch of his consultancy in this field. He underscores equity crowdfunding’s speed and flexibility as key advantages for startups seeking capital, though he cautions about its inherent risks. His post, “10 Tips for Equity Crowdfunding Success,” serves as a guide for businesses contemplating this fundraising avenue. He emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation, from considering all financial options to the meticulous planning of the campaign phases. 

The power of a like

Using a domain like can help make it easier for Marc and his career experience to be discoverable online. Anyone who Googles “marc hartog” will see at the top of the search results page (as of February 27, 2024). With a professional website using a domain name that matches your full name, it’s more likely that your website will show up in relevant results. In an age of personal branding, a tailored domain like serves as a digital business card, making it easy for clients and collaborators to connect and recognize Marc’s contributions in the business sector. You can learn more about Marc by following him on LinkedIn and X/Twitter, and by visiting

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