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.XYZ 已通过工信部资质批复

我们非常高兴地宣布一项大家期待已久的消息:.xyz已正式获得工信部资质审批,成为首批获得此资质的新顶级域名国外注册局!企业和个人从现在开始可以为 .xyz网站备案并使用国内主机托管。

相信大家知道,获得该资质许可一直是XYZ一年多以来的首要任务。建立了中国实体公司后,XYZ 与 ICANN密切合作研究出符合其政策要求的技术解决方案。XYZ是目前获得ICANN批准在中国执行此操作的唯一注册局。

获得批复仅仅是XYZ在中国最新拓展行动的一部分。今年11月,CEO丹尼尔(Daniel Negari)再次到访北京参加了世界云计算日。丹尼尔被邀请作为演讲嘉宾并参加域名圆桌会议,在大会结束后接受了newg.TV 的专访


现在.xyz域名已经可以备案,我们期待看到在中国出现更多更酷的 .xyz网站。为了庆祝获得批复,一些国内注册商伙伴将举办 .xyz促销活动。另外,欢迎访问来搜索和下载可注册的4字符和 5字符等各类 .xyz域名。



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China Blog Series: .XYZ is now one of the first new domains to receive MIIT accreditation!

We are proud to break the news that everyone has long been waiting for: .xyz is officially one of the first new domain extensions to become MIIT accredited! In short, this means that businesses and individuals can now host their .xyz websites locally in China.

As many of our supporters know, receiving accreditation was a top priority for us for over a year now. After obtaining our WFOE and creating our Chinese business entity, we worked closely with ICANN to develop a technical solution that met their policy requirements. We are the only registry that has received approval from ICANN for our technical solution to operate in China.

Accreditation is just the most recent stride we’ve taken to expand in China – one of our most important markets. Last month, our CEO Daniel Negari traveled to Beijing to take part in World Hosting Days China, where he was a keynote speaker, a featured member on the roundtable discussion panel, and was interviewed by newg.TV.


Now that accreditation has been completed, we can’t wait to see all the great new sites that #GenXYZ in China create! To celebrate this momentous occasion, several of our registrar partners in China are preparing to host some big .xyz sales for a limited time. With more details to come, get ready by visiting to search and download free lists of 4-character and 5-character .xyz domains that are available for hand registration.

Be sure to check out the full press release announcing our accreditation here

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