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Innovative web3 platforms are building their online homes on .xyz domains. NFT studio designs and operates Ethereum-compatible NFT marketplaces, games, and communities. DAO-governed helps artists mint NFTs and launch community-driven NFT universes. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a collaborative platform providing co-creation solutions for web3 communities: is the online home of Joyn, a collaborative platform aimed at supporting the large-scale co-creation of web3 media. The Toronto-based company’s aim is to provide creators with access to the tools and community support they need to successfully launch their projects. is designed to help creators develop teams for project building, and to encourage the community to promote the project, participate, and share in the ownership. The platform also provides solutions for minting, marketing, and project-backing. In April 2022, raised $3.5 million in its seed round to help advance the platform and fund community development. Participating investors include Tokyo-based IT company Akatsuki and Singapore-based VC firm Signum Capital.1

As detailed in a post on their Blog page, is inspired by the combined efforts involved in the many high-profile media projects that have been populating web3. In these projects, designers and artists work on the visuals, composers work on music and sound design, developers take care of the blockchain-based technology, and supporters offer insights and resources that help the projects evolve. recognizes that creators can feel limited by insufficient resources or collaborators which can help see a project through from start to finish. These limitations can delay creators from entering the web3 space. hopes to remove these barriers by allowing creators, collaborators, intellectual property holders, supporters, and patrons to connect with each other to help turn ideas into successful web3 media projects. Creators who collaborate on a project will share ownership, royalties, and clout. Supporters of these projects will be able to follow their creative journey and learn about their processes and innovations every step of the way.

Originally operating under the name Chestr Labs, the company rebranded and upgraded their domain from to the more memorable and friendly We are proud to have platforms like defining the .xyz community, and look forward to the successful project launches that are born from this launchpad. You can learn more by joining the Discord, following the company on Twitter @joynxyz, and by visiting


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