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The .xyz community consists of many accomplished individuals using .xyz to showcase and promote their work, passions, and career experiences. Australia-based artist Serwah Attafuah uses to showcase her digital art and NFT creations. Successful entrepreneur Matt Gray uses to promote his assortment of coaching and training services. Tech entrepreneur Ryan Junee uses to share his passions in tech startups, writing, and spirituality. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished political satirist who showcases his assortment of media appearances, upcoming shows, press clippings, and more on a personal website using a “” domain: is the personal website of self-described “Doctor/Political Satirist/Vegan” Bassem Youssef. Fans of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and ​​The Late Show with Stephen Colbert may be familiar with Los Angeles-based Bassem, an occasional guest who shared his views on various U.S. affairs. In his home country of Egypt, Bassem was the host of his own satirical program, Al-Bernameg (where he acquired recognition as the ‘Jon Stewart of the Arab World’). Before Bassem found success on television, he majored in cardiothoracic surgery, passed the United States Medical License Exam (USMLE), and joined the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS). He practiced cardiothoracic surgery in Egypt for 13 years before pivoting into comedy and political satire. 

In 2011, Bassem created Al-Bernameg (which translates to “The Show”) as a 5-minute program on YouTube. Bassem’s Al-Bernameg later became the first online-to-TV conversion in the Middle East. On Al-Bernameg, Bassem was known for criticism and humor aimed at his country’s government. The Egyptian government issued an arrest warrant for Bassem in March 2013 for some of his comments. He turned himself in and was released on bail. In June 2014, following a six-week break in programming, the Al-Bernameg team held a press conference where Bassem announced the end of the show. On September 17, 2022, Bassem joined playwright and actor Kristina Wong at the Arizona State University California Center in downtown Los Angeles for “What Can We Laugh About?,” a panel discussion about the healing power of comedy moderated by Los Angeles Times columnist Gustavo Arellano. Bassem spoke of his experience being jailed in Egypt after his political satire show Al-Bernameg featured humor aimed at the leaders of the country. Bassem maintains a stance of allowing comedians free rein, and for comedians to take chances and face the consequences later.1

Bassem’s career has been busy since creating Al-Bernameg. Between stand-up comedy performances, NPR interviews, book writing, and being the subject of a documentary film titled “Tickling Giants,”2 Bassem has many highlights to share with the world. On his website he displays these notable career highlights in an easy-to-navigate manner for visitors to explore. The homepage of has a portrait of Bassem underneath multiple topics to choose from. For instance, you can learn more about his Upcoming Shows, such as his performance on November 3, 2022 at American Comedy Company in San Diego. You can view his different Media Appearance selections, including both Arabic and English interviews from news programs CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes, The Late Show, and more. You can visit his Press page to find links to his interview on the NPR program Fresh Air Weekend or his feature in news website Philadelphia Weekly. Bassem also has a Contact page, where he shares phone numbers to reach his management office, an email address for business inquiries, and all of his social media handles. This is a great resource that makes it simple for potential collaborators or fans to reach out and make contact. You can learn more about the benefits of Contact pages in our latest Quarterly Report

Using a domain like can help make it easier for Bassem and his accomplishments to be discoverable online. Anyone who Googles “Bassem Youssef” will see at the top of the search results page (as of September 22, 2022). With a professional website using a domain name that matches your full name, it’s more likely that your website will show up in relevant results. There is further benefit in a domain like for your personal website. Bassem’s content and layout is not limited by any third-party platform constraints. He can use his website as the hub of his media appearances and upcoming performances and such, and maintain complete control over how he presents the information. We are proud to have the accomplished Bassem Youssef in the .xyz community. You can learn more about Bassem by following him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and by visiting


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