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One of the most valuable pieces of online real estate you can secure is your name. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we take a look at another member of #GenXYZ who showcases all of her talents and professional experience on her .xyz site:


Visting introduces you to Karen: a UX designer and artist – as we learned from exploring her site – a yogi, a music festival blogger, and a self-proclaimed renaissance soul. Karen takes full advantage of the freedom her .xyz gives her to make a unique personal and professional hybrid website. We reached out to Karen to find out more about her .xyz domain and how it allows her to explore these interests and share her experiences with the world:

You work on many different kinds of projects, which you showcase on your .xyz site. Where did you find your inspiration?

Creating a website that showcases my eclectic interests has always been a priority of mine. My inclination for visual art stemmed from a background in painting, sketching, and collaging in my adolescent and young adult years, and has recently extended into digital works.

What inspired you to pursue UX Design as a career, and do you have any advice for the #GenXYZ members that are aspiring marketers and UX designers?

It’s actually quite comical—ever since my first drawing class, I have always wanted to be an artist. So, while attending business school as a Marketing and Communications major was not ideal, I never ceased to incorporate my passion into my professional and personal endeavors. My advice for the #GenXYZ members is to always take risks, to stay humble, to feed your curiosity, and to do the things that feel like life itself. Ask questions, meet other professionals, but be unapologetically yourself. Even if the path isn’t clearly paved in front of you, follow your passion and the rest will surely manifest as you go.

As a UX designer, why do you think it’s important to have a website? How do you think your .xyz domain helps you reach your audience?

A personal website is like a gallery that’s always open. Unlike exhibits that are erected and razed in the blink of an eye, your website is your opportunity to extend the life of your efforts and vision. Besides, we all know the struggle of antiquated resumes and cover letters that fail to capture the essence of your abilities and personality. A website is your elevator pitch, resume, and personal collection of projects all wrapped up in one. Additionally, if you’re looking to get hired for web or mobile application design, what better way to showcase your style than an online portfolio?

What made you decide to build your site on a .xyz domain?

The .xyz domain fascinated me. We’re constantly surrounded by .com’s, .net’s, and .org’s, so I felt compelled to switch it up by taking the road less traveled. It’s also pretty neat to be considered a member of #GenXYZ.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with #GenXYZ?

Besides being an aspiring UX designer, my free time consists of cooking vegan meals, teaching vinyasa yoga, dancing, blogging for music festivals, and lots of time for being silly. Just a reminder that it’s okay to be a renaissance soul: your career does not have to be your life, and you can pursue several interests at the same time. Good luck!

Karen is just one example of how #GenXYZ is sharing their unique personalities and ideas with the world. She was able to secure ‘’ and create a gallery displaying her accomplishments and interests.

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