Namecheap has been showing .xyz a lot of love recently, and it’s not just because we turned 2 in June. No – this week we are recognizing Namecheap for a truly historic achievement – reaching their 1,000,000th .xyz registration. In honor of this amazing accomplishment, we are delighted to highlight some of our favorite .xyz websites that have been built by Namecheap’s own customers.

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As only one of three registrars that have reached this milestone (we’re looking at you, Chengdu West and Uniregistry), Namecheap has set itself apart as a key player in helping us connect a global community of pioneers we call #GenXYZ. The innovation taking place on .xyz domains registered at Namecheap can be found in industries and locations all over the world. See for yourself with a first look of the poster and use cases below:

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notebook – Namecheap customer (Azerbaijan)

Olga, Farida, and Ni are three adventurers from Azerbaijan that share their stories online with their blog, Notebook and Earth. They cover a wide variety of topics from food to fashion and everything in between, so readers can enjoy real experiences told by real people. Make sure to check out their site before your next jetset for some interesting and entertaining travel advice.

dino – Namecheap customer (India)

Dino helps your company attract like-minded individuals with a real-time look into your team’s culture. Instead of an outdated career page, Dino integrates with your Slack chat and brilliantly suggests the most interesting and entertaining updates to post into your team’s public feed. Why did they choose the name Dino? According to their website:

“You know how hard it is to find a good .com domain. We could not. Which is how we arrived at the first name for our app – dino. It stands for did not find domain. [Then] we just [made] it shorter, to just dino.” –

comuzi – Namecheap customer (United Kingdom)

Comuzi takes a unique approach to digital design to create the next generation of digital products and services. With global clients like the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Forbes Global 2000 Company, Petro Rabigh, Comuzi needed a global domain name – like! Be sure to check out their innovative solutions including Medic Bleep, a secure communication app for hospitals and medical professionals.

jlinfinal – Namecheap customer (United States)

“You don’t just do a startup. You do it because you want to solve a problem so bad.” – Wise words from Jason Lin. Part portfolio, part research, and part projects make up this visual, well-designed personal site. Just based on what you see so far on, there’s no doubt that Jason will change the world with his .xyz. Jason had this to say about why he chose a .xyz domain:

“The moment I chose XYZ was because as a Gen Y myself, I know it best represented creative minds like people of our generation.” -Jason Lin, Creator of

These are just some of the many great websites we’ve seen built by Namecheap customers. It’s clear that no matter what your idea or passion is, .xyz has a place for you. We are proud to call Namecheap our partner and look forward to continuing to offer an open and accessible internet together – one million .xyz domains at a time.

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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