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Blockchain and smart contract technology innovators aimed at exploring web3’s possibilities are establishing their online homes on .xyz domains. FOX Entertainment’s NFT studio develops projects for creators and brands new to the web3 landscape. Auditing platform is aimed at keeping your smart contracts bug-free. Generative art platform strives to make web3 technology more accessible. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to an innovative no-code platform designed for creators, projects, and brands in web3: is the online home of Transient Labs, a creative studio with a no-code solution for creators and brands looking to harness the power of blockchain and smart contract technology. Their no-code solution is called “The Lab,” and it aims to help users build their own web3 projects without requiring extensive coding knowledge. They provide a suite of services, including strategy, creative direction, and custom smart contract development, tailored to the specific needs of creators, brands, and platforms. By offering a user-friendly interface and empowering individuals to unlock the potential of decentralized systems, Transient Labs aims to elevate projects to new levels of success in the ever-evolving web3 landscape.. We last referenced in our spotlight on, an innovative NFT project developed collaboratively by Snoop Dogg and Transient Labs.

Web3 services and custom smart contracts

If you visit the Transient Labs “Capabilities” page, you can review the platform’s range of web3 services and tooling designed to support and enhance projects in the decentralized space. Their offerings include mint pages, token-gated communities, and assistance building membership tokens with various use cases like exclusive access, voting rights, and loyalty programs. They also provide a service to develop dynamic and interactive NFTs. These NFTs offer unique interactive experiences by changing their state based on external factors like real-world data or events.

Another key aspect of Transient Labs’ services is the development of custom ERC721TL and ERC1155TL smart contracts. These contracts are carefully designed to meet the specific requirements of different projects. Transient Labs tests all smart contracts they develop to help ensure security and optimize gas efficiency.

Innovative projects from Transient Labs: and State of the Art is the online home of’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg. The exclusive Passport NFT is designed to grant owners ongoing access to behind-the-scenes footage of Snoop Dogg’s latest tour experiences. The intention is to make every Passport NFT owner feel like an honorary member of Snoop’s entourage. As COO Chris Ostoich explained in the press, “Having the opportunity to connect one of the world’s greatest artists to fans in such a creative and engaging way is a great representation of what we’re all about at Transient Labs.”1

Transient Labs also collaborated with digital artist ThankYouX2 on the “State of the Art” project,3 showcasing their capabilities in the web3 space. This project reimagined blockchain technology as a creative medium, going beyond its traditional role as a mere distribution tool. “State of the Art” featured four large-scale paintings, each divided into 400 tiles, resulting in a total of 1600 unique digital artworks, each paired with a physical counterpart.

During the project’s launch, participants received a random assignment of a digital tile corresponding to a section of one of the four paintings. Subsequently, collectors had the opportunity to claim the corresponding physical artwork. Prior to claiming the physical piece, users could engage with the secondary market, purchasing additional tiles adjacent to their existing ones. This allowed participants to merge and expand their ownership.

Words from Director of Operations Daniel Volkov

Transient Labs is co-founded by former aerospace engineer, photographer, and NFT creator Ben Strauss and former automotive and aerospace engineer Marco Peyfuss. We had the opportunity to speak with Director of Operations Daniel Volkov about Transient Labs and their team’s decision to build on .xyz. As Daniel explained,

“We chose .xyz for Transient Labs because it perfectly symbolizes our mission. The XYZ in our domain stands for the limitless possibilities of exploration, innovation, and transformation we aim to bring in the field of technology. We’re glad to see other pioneers in the web3 world recognizing its value too. It’s been an excellent choice for us, aligning seamlessly with our branding and vision. We are excited about the future as we continue to innovate and push boundaries on the .xyz platform.”

We are inspired by the team’s motivation to explore the full potential of blockchain technology and look forward to more innovative and collaborative projects. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter and by visiting


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