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When your business is promoting the rollout of a new product or service, a helpful strategy to consider is creating new promotion channels for it. Launching your new offering via its own website allows you to introduce its features and advantages to a global audience. You also have complete control over your website, which lets you decide the image you want to present. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features a successful startup that introduced their new product via an inspiring dedicated website: is a dedicated promotional site created by 3D printing manufacturer Snapmaker for their new Luban software. Snapmaker raised nearly $3 million in seed round funding in February last year for their 3-in-1 3D printer. Now, they have developed Luban as the free and open-source 3D printing application for use with their printers. On, Snapmaker showcases the features of the software, like its user-friendly interface, camera capture technology, and multi-language support. Snapmaker says Luban is also equipped with custom profiles, file transfer over Wi-Fi, and multi-model support. Interested users can download the software right from for any of the three major OS: Mac, Windows, and Linux.

In addition to making it easy to download the software, also helps Snapmaker develop a community for Luban users to join. The site links to the official Snapmaker forum and Snapmaker Facebook groups. These allow adopters to share their experience and tips on using Luban with others. features a comfortable UI design as well, employing short paragraphs of text to explain the benefits of the Luban software. The text on is broken up to display download links for the Luban software at the top, middle, and bottom of the home page. This is a wise design choice meant to increase the chances of converting visitors to Luban users.

Establishing a standalone brand for your new offering is one major benefit of creating a separate website to launch a product or service. The branded domain differentiates the software from Snapmaker’s 3D printers, making it an appealing product on its own. The website is designed to promote the software for all 3D printing projects, and works to promote Snapmaker’s printers as well, thanks to the connection of the brands. is a great example of how a business can use a dedicated promotional website to efficiently introduce a new product offering to its target audience. The website displays the most important and helpful information about its software to potential adopters in a more interactive and simple way than the standard white paper. In addition, is indexed into search engine results, allowing Snapmaker to promote Luban to a worldwide audience.

When you promote a new service or product via a dedicated promotional site, you have the freedom to share that information in the exact way you’d like. Introducing it to relevant communities can help increase customers’ connection to your brand, and allows them to get information quickly and easily by remembering one simple branded URL. The site can also be sent to potential investors as a professional and memorable introduction to your offerings.

Got a new product or service coming soon from your business? Follow’s lead and introduce it to the most relevant audiences exactly how you want via your own branded .xyz website.

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