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Forward-thinking developers are using .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .Security, .Audio, and .Rent to leverage AI and optimize their solutions. Rental solution Ezly.Rent harnesses AI to revolutionize the event rental industry. Software solution IRIS.Audio leverages AI to innovate audio and eliminate background noise. Data platform implements AI to make data analysis intuitive. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a security solution implementing AI and machine learning to help identify vulnerabilities in your code: Mayhem.Security.

Discover Mayhem: Reshaping software security

Mayhem.Security is the online home of Mayhem, a security tool aimed at identifying and addressing issues in software and web applications. Designed by Pittsburgh-based software company ForAllSecure, Mayhem is designed to simulate testing methods like those used by hackers, fostering the detection of vulnerabilities. This approach aims to assist in enhancing the security and functionality of the applications, making them more resistant to potential cyber threats. The development of Mayhem involves techniques that seek to comprehensively evaluate software, thus helping to prevent problems that might not be caught by other methods. In October 2023, ForAllSecure unveiled a new runtime dynamic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) feature within the Mayhem Security product, designed to revolutionize organizational security by quickly identifying and prioritizing software vulnerabilities at runtime.1

The engine behind Mayhem’s effectiveness

The innovative solution is designed to scrutinize software code for vulnerabilities and defects. It encompasses a suite of advanced methodologies, including fuzz testing and symbolic execution, to conduct thorough and systematic evaluations of applications. By emulating the tactics of potential attackers, Mayhem aims to uncover hidden weaknesses that could compromise security. This platform integrates seamlessly with development pipelines, enhancing software security without disrupting the workflow. Its ability to continuously test and learn from previous runs makes it a dynamic tool for maintaining the integrity and reliability of applications across various development stages.

Harnessing AI for smarter security: The role of Generative AI and ML in Mayhem

A pivotal aspect of Mayhem’s technology stack is its use of Generative AI and Machine Learning (ML). These technologies help Mayhem learn from each testing cycle, identifying patterns and trends in the data it collects. This “intelligent” approach allows for the optimization of test scenarios, focusing efforts on areas most susceptible to vulnerabilities based on historical data. By harnessing Generative AI, Mayhem can generate new test cases that mimic real-world usage more closely, which can increase the likelihood of discovering previously unidentified defects. This continuous learning process helps ensure that Mayhem’s testing strategies evolve, offering targeted and effective security assessments that adapt to the complex and changing landscape of software development.

The strategic evolution to Mayhem.Security

Mayhem has upgraded from to Mayhem.Security, a strategic transition that signals a focused rebranding and expansion of the company’s identity and services. This move not only aligns the brand more closely with its flagship product, Mayhem, but also emphasizes its core mission: to provide cutting-edge security solutions. Mayhem.Security makes a statement of purpose and expertise, making it easier for customers and stakeholders to remember and associate the platform with top-tier security testing. This upgrade reflects a deep understanding of market positioning and digital branding, enhancing the company’s visibility and accessibility in the cybersecurity space. This domain upgrade underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in securing software applications and APIs, helping to ensure it stands out in a competitive industry. You can learn more by following Mayhem on GitHub, LinkedIn, X/Twitter, and by visiting Mayhem.Security.


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