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Innovative developers are using .xyz domains to leverage AI and optimize their solutions. AI-powered music production platform aims to empower music creators.  Digital platform harnesses AI to pioneer the future of fashion fabric digitization. AI platform explores Ethereum’s potential to increase the usage of machine learning. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a data platform leveraging AI to help you interact with data through natural language:

Revolutionizing data exploration with is the online home of Shape, a platform designed to address the challenge of accessing specific data points for decision-making and tracking progress in various projects.It emerges to tackle the critical issue of high demand and long turnaround times in data analysis, where traditional dashboards fall short because they cannot adapt to specific queries and tend to present outdated information. By leveraging advancements in natural language processing (NLP) technology, such as ChatGPT, Shape promotes an innovative solution that helps users interact with data through natural language. Teams can use NLP technology to create user-friendly applications that eliminate the need for complex technical language in favor of everyday language, streamlining the user experience. Backed by startup accelerator Y Combinator, 1Shape’s approach seeks to make data exploration more intuitive and accessible, catering to the needs of a diverse range of users and significantly improving the efficiency of decision-making processes.

Advanced features of Shape: NLP and SQL integration

The innovative platform is designed with features that leverage NLP for data analysis, allowing users to interact with data through conversational queries. It supports advanced Structured Query Language (SQL) functionalities, including complex operations like joins and unions. SQL is a programming language designed for managing and manipulating databases. It helps users perform tasks such as querying data, updating databases, and managing database structures, which makes it a fundamental tool for database administration and data analysis. Shape is designed to interpret queries, provide clear assumptions, and highlight caveats in its responses. Additionally, Shape offers integration with business communication platform Slack, fostering quick data access in a collaborative environment. It also features capabilities for data visualization and enables embedding AI-powered analytics into products through API and React components.  

Meet Namit Chada, Founder of

Founder and CEO Namit Chadha has considerable experience building and leading teams. Before founding Shape, he contributed his skills as a Product Design Lead at Meta and as a Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs. He also co-founded Mechio, a product studio in London, and also co-founded and served as CTO of app developer AppSpark, where he developed and led the engineering team for the Movies Now app for iPhone. Namit’s ongoing commitment to innovation in the tech industry​​ reflects his forward-thinking mission for Shape. uses a branded email address, which can help build trust with clients

Shape makes a strategic decision by using a branded email address like [email protected], which enhances its professional image and credibility. It ensures consistent branding across communications, making the business appear more established and trustworthy. This choice can also contribute to better email deliverability and recognition among recipients, potentially reducing the risk of emails being marked as spam. Moreover, it facilitates easier identification and recall of the company’s name, reinforcing brand awareness with every email sent. You can learn more about Shape by following the company on LinkedIn and X/Twitter @shapexyz, and by visiting


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