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The .xyz community is home to many visual creatives and skilled artists displaying their talents and accomplishments on .xyz domains. Abstract artist Octavious Jones uses to share his collection of creative work. Multidisciplinary artist Nina Fraser showcases her assortment of creative work using Contemporary artist Michael Ho uses to highlight his innovative artwork. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a contemporary artist who shares her artwork using a memorable domain:

Meet the artist behind is the personal website of Los Angeles-based abstract artist Berta Negari. As the self-taught artist shares on her website, Berta began painting in the later part of her life but has made up for lost time by creating nearly 3,000 works in the past three years. Berta painted for “hours, days, and even months” without a break. She shares that her creations are a free flow textual imagery of her own emotions. Berta explores her mind, spirit, and imagination to produce zen-like floral imagery.

Explore Berta’s world with an organized website navigation

Berta’s Paintings, Shows, and Contact information are easy to explore with a simple and informative website design. Visitors can easily navigate to each page, which can help make Berta’s information easy to find. 

A journey of colors, textures, and emotions

Berta features a selection of her colorful and unique artwork on her Paintings page. You can click on each image for more details, such as a piece labeled RED ABSTRACT. This work is made of rich acrylic paint on stretched canvas that is 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It is a bold red and black textured painting with hints of gold. In the description, Berta shares the sentiment invoked by her painting: “In turmoil of life you can always find hope.” 

Behind the scenes of Berta’s first solo exhibition 

On the Shows page, Berta shares photos, updates, and news related to her exhibits. This is important and helpful because it allows Berta to connect with her audience and potential clients, as well as promote her work and increase her visibility in the art world. She shares information about her first show, “Meditative Musings,” which ran for the month of December 2022 in downtown Santa Monica, CA. The show was curated by art gallerist Deepa Subramanian, Founder and Creative Head of Galerie De’Arts, an interactive and collective space providing a rent-free and neutral platform for art and culture.

Bridging the gap between art and audience with features a Contact page, where Berta shares a means to send her an email. This is a great resource that makes it simple for potential collaborators or clients to reach out and make contact. You can learn more about the benefits of Contact pages in our previous Quarterly Report. 

Learn more about Berta Negari

Selecting a memorable domain name like can have numerous benefits, such as being easier to remember, repeat, and type. A distinctive and memorable domain name can also help establish a strong online presence and improve brand recognition. Skilled creatives understand the importance of selecting a standout domain name that sets them apart from the competition and leaves a lasting impression on potential clients and collaborators. Berta’s choice of domain name,, makes it easy for potential users to remember her website as it is closely tied to her name. A simple and memorable domain name like this can help Berta establish a strong online presence and attract visitors to her website. As she explained to us, “I picked .xyz for my website because it’s easy to remember and it looks good with my name.”  Berta uses her memorable .xyz domain to control her online presence and highlight everything she wishes to showcase to the world. You can learn more about Berta and view more of her artwork by visiting

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