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Earlier this month, we wrote a profile on – a tool nominated for an Expatriate Management and Mobility Award (EMMA) for its innovative language learning lessons. We’ve also written about, a collection of interactive online classes and apps to help the next generation boost their math skills, as well as, which recently received $4 million for its interactive learning platform. To continue our theme of learning driven by innovation, we’re looking at a .xyz site in this week’s #WebsiteWendesday that has created one of the most popular teaching apps on the market:

Euclidea is a popular geometric puzzle game that is available in the Apple App Store, on Google Play, or can be played directly from your web browser on The game consists of 120 levels that increase in difficulty, 10 innovative tools, and 11 tutorials that makes it easy for users to learn geometry in a fun and imaginative way. Their mobile app, which helps users keep their math skills sharp at all times, has been downloaded over 500,000 times with a perfect 5-stars in the App Store and 4.8 on Google Play from over 18,000 reviews.

It’s a common misconception that apps don’t need websites, and we’re glad to see Euclidea avoided this mistake by getting their But instead of just making their site a boring lander, not only lets you play the game directly from your browser – no download required – but it also offers useful tips and tricks to solve some of the more difficult levels, explains frequent mistakes, and links to five of its other apps. To top it all off, their whole site can be translated into Russian, making a truly international website.

We caught up with the Euclidea team to see why was the perfect domain for them:

“Our goal for is to show the beauty and harmony of mathematics to everybody. A lot of people think it is boring, but after playing Euclidea they change their mind. We also want children to learn mathematics through games without any fear. We chose a .xyz domain because the letters XYZ look very mathematical. They can be associated with coordinates or ‘unknowns’.” – Mikhail Koroteev,

Like many others in the #GenXYZ community, Euclidea has created an innovative solution to teach important skills to the next generation. They’ve shown that there’s more than one way to learn math, just like there’s more than one way to use .xyz domains. With more and more innovators using .xyz to connect with a new generation of bright minds, we can’t wait to see what these individuals develop on their own .xyz domains with their newfound skills.

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