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Talented creatives are establishing their online homes on .xyz domains to showcase technology-driven portfolios encompassing a diverse range of artistic work. Architect and AI visionary Will Garner uses to highlight his creative process. Artists Harry Yeff (also known as Reeps100), and Trung Bao developed, a generative art project designed to translate a person’s voice into a gemstone-like sculpture. Creative agency harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence to help generate award-winning campaigns. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a skilled AI-focused artist who highlights his work using a memorable domain: is the personal website of Makeitrad, an artist and designer with a distinct approach to digital art. Based in Los Angeles, the artist integrates AI and machine learning with “ideas of randomness and noise,” to shape his creations. Makeitrad’s portfolio reflects a thematic exploration of finding organic beauty in nature amidst a technology-dominated world. His work is characterized by vibrant, playful qualities, embodying a sense of innocence and fun. This style results in insightful artwork that stands out in the realm of digital and AI-assisted art.

In an April 2023 interview,1 Makeitrad offers insight into his artistic journey and the exploration of technology in his work. A college sculpture class initially influenced him, leading to an arts career where he graduated from CalArts and advanced from designer to creative director in motion design. His career took a turn towards directing live-action commercials and teaching motion design at his alma mater. Makeitrad’s entry into the world of NFTs marked a significant shift in his creative process. He initially experimented with monochrome loops, leading to the sale of multiple collections. Makeitrad’s venture into AI began in 2021, inspired by artists like Jeremy Torman. His early AI-based work includes dynamic animations, a departure from his previous still pieces. Makeitrad’s AI journey involved pioneering methods, including creating his own data sets and models, particularly evident in his “Artificial Architecture” and “Majestic Mycology” series. The interview highlights Makeitrad’s interest in natural and organic imagery, evident in his collections. He emphasizes the transformative impact of AI across various industries and the importance of artists embracing this technology. In the interview’s conclusion, Makeitrad acknowledges his collaborations and expresses gratitude to influencers and supporters of his artistic journey, like Jeremy Torman and Chris Trueman.

Exploring From art collections and NFT platforms to press and gallery shows serves as an extensive showcase of the artist’s multifaceted journey in the digital art world. The online hub shares Makeitrad’s preferred and utilized NFT platforms, including and OpenSea. Additionally, it links to press coverage and gallery shows, like the notable AI Surrealism exhibition at Oculus NYC.Hosted by Superchief Gallery NFT and Exquisite Workers, this event marked the largest AI art show in history, featuring 100 AI artists from June 2-8, 2023.1

The Collections page is a gateway to exploring the artist’s diverse body of work. It offers intuitive filters to navigate through various themes, including 3D, AI, Architecture, and Nature. This feature allows visitors to engage deeply with Makeitrad’s artwork, tailored to their interests.

Featured collections include “Evolution’s Echoes,” a Mirage Gallery Curated Collection. This collection consists of 150 looping animated pieces that delve into the themes of evolution and perpetual transformation. Each piece is an immersive journey, showcasing a seamless loop that echoes the dynamic essence of an evolving universe. The series is a culmination of Makeitrad’s endeavors in AI Art, demonstrating the harmony of Stylegan and Diffusion techniques to create mesmerizing visual narratives. Evolution’s Echoes is a testament to the limitless potential of technology blended with artistic creativity.

Another notable collection is “CHaiRs.” This collection uses AI to reimagine mid-century furniture designs, creating new and unexpected forms. A distinctive aspect of the CHaiRs collection is how the AI skillfully mirrors real chair designs yet retains an abstract, non-functional character. This collaborative collection uses Latent Imagen and Stable Diffusion, showcasing Makeitrad’s innovative approach to combining AI with traditional design elements. Through CHaiRs, viewers can appreciate the nuanced balance between realism and abstraction, making it a unique exploration of AI-generated art.

The power of a distinctive personal website like

A distinct personal website like can be very effective. The unique and catchy domain of ensures easy recall and accessibility for users. Visitors to the site are presented with a comprehensive view of Makeitrad’s diverse projects, all conveniently located in one digital space. Streamlined navigation lets visitors quickly understand Makeitrad’s artistic range, potentially opening doors for collaborations. offers significant benefits for personal branding and professional online presence. It’s straightforward and memorable, enhancing brand recognition. A domain that exactly matches your brand name, like, can benefit your visibility in search engines, as people may search your exact brand name to find your website. As of January 4, 2024, ranks first on a Google search for “makeitrad.” Further, the modern appeal of the .xyz extension can set you apart, offering a unique identity in the digital space. .XYZ’s global appeal makes it ideal for reaching an international audience, and the versatility of .xyz allows for a wide range of uses, adaptable to various professional and personal needs. You can discover more about Makeitrad by following him on X (Twitter) and Instragram, and by visiting


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