Talk about an exciting week!

Following .Security and .Protection is now the final act. To round out this week’s whirlwind of new domain announcements, we’re ready to bring to stage the last member of the XYZ family.

Think you figured it out, #GenXYZ? Coming soon to a retailer near you, is .Theatre!

The theatre and performing arts have been a beloved tradition for over 10,000 years – who doesn’t like to be entertained?! And think about all the show venues and movie theatres in your own town or big cities. Theatres are everywhere.

Why the British spelling of “theatre,” you ask?

Aside from being the traditional way of spelling out the word, a large portion of performance venues and movies theatres in the United States also spell it the British way with an -re. Hollywood Pantages Theatre, Lyceum Theatre, AMC Theatre, and even US-based schools with theatre departments will spell it out with an -re.

We challenge you to a “theatre” vs. “theater” word hunt through the US. Which is more prevalent? Our bet is on the Brits.

As the artsiest and most creative member of our domain family, .Theatre will give everyone who has a passion for theatre a special namespace of their own. Since it is the artsiest, we’re putting some extra elbow-grease into creating a fitting logo, suited for the creative type!

.Theatre Logo A

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.14.19 AM


 .Theatre Logo B

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.14.28 AM


We’ve narrowed it down to these two directions. Which is your favorite, #GenXYZ? Be sure to make your opinion count by tweeting us your preference @xyz!

So whether you’re a fan of the performing arts, run a production or ticketing company, manage a movie theatre, or a high school student itching to become the next Broadway star, .Theatre will give you a place online to express exactly what you do.

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