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AI and blockchain developers are using .xyz domains to leverage the latest technologies and develop useful solutions. NFT platform is aimed at providing users with a new tool for generating AI-powered animated avatars. Tech startup’s AI platform aims to make it easy to access and leverage web3 data. AI startup aims to detect AI-generated media and counterfeit NFTs. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a platform that leverages artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain technology to innovate music production:

Museverse: Introducing AI to the field of music production is the online home of Museverse, an AI-powered music production platform. The platform offers an AI assistant that aims to simplify and accelerate sound creation, helping users generate unique sounds based on prompts.

Assisting music creators with AI-powered tools to tackle creative obstacles

The platform’s AI assistant is designed to assist music creators in their production journey. It offers several tools and functionalities that can be integrated with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs). Some of the key features of the AI assistant include:

  • AI Chord Progression Generator: an innovative way to generate unique chord progressions, designed to aid in the composition process and inspire new musical ideas.
  • AI Sample Pack Generator: generates custom sample packs, including drums, percussion, and other sounds, to enhance their music production workflow.
  • AI Synthesizer: utilizes user prompts to generate new musical instruments. Committed to user ownership and privacy

One of the notable aspects of Museverse is its commitment to ensuring user ownership and privacy. The platform claims that the generated music pieces are royalty-free. This means users can freely use their creations in their projects and retain the copyrights to the content they create. Additionally, Museverse states in their FAQ that private user data will not be shared with other users, and it is protected by theirEnd User License Agreement (EULA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Joining the waitlist for early access

For those interested in exploring the capabilities of the Museverse AI assistant, early access is available. By following the website’s Call to Action (CTA), users can join the waitlist and enjoy 14 days of free access. will send notifications via email when the platform is officially launched.

Looking ahead, has outlined a roadmap that includes several AI-driven features and long-term focuses:

  • AI Prompting System: A tagging system that aids in generating keywords, assigning moods, genres, and generating new music based on these inputs.
  • AI Mixing Tools: Tools that optimize music production by offering AI-driven mixing capabilities, helping creators achieve the perfect sounds for their projects.
  • Virtual Reality Integration: Exploring the potential of virtual reality technology to enable composers, performers, and music enthusiasts to interact with virtual instruments and compose in immersive environments.
  • Blockchain Integration: Investigating the use of Ethereum and Cardano blockchains for various applications, such as artist rewards and decentralized virtual bands, to further enhance the music industry.

Museverse is led by Patrik Gudev, who serves as the CEO and Co-founder. Patrik is also the founder of Revo Music, a music tech company focused on innovative technologies in music production and sample pack creation. Co-founder Matej Zimák has previous experience as a Portfolio Manager at Miton C, a Prague-based VC fund specializing in web3 and crypto projects. We are inspired by the innovation demonstrated by Patrik and Matej. Much like .xyz aims to reshape the future of the internet, aims to shape the future of music production. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter @Museverse_xyz and LinkedIn, and by visiting

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